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Emet m'Tsiyon

Friday, November 24, 2006

Socialists for Genocide -- Engels and Marx Proposed It before hitler

The only peace in the Peace Process is Peace of Mind for Antisemites
Eliyahu m'Tsiyon

Engels proposed genocide long before Hitler was born. Indeed, it is likely that hitler was influenced by reading Engels. To be sure, his proposed victims were not the Jews but the Slavs, except for the Poles who were good Slavs.

First here is what Engels wrote in "Democratic Panslavism," approved by his friend and mentor, Karl Marx:
To the sentimentalist slogans of brotherhood which are here offered us in the name of the counterrevolutionary nations of Europe [including the Slavs], we reply that hatred of Russia was and still is the first revolutionary passion of the Germans; that since the Revolution [of 1848], hatred of the Czechs and Croats has been added to it, and that we, along with the Poles [= good Slavs] and Magyars [= Hungarians], will only be able to secure the Revolution through the most determined terror against these Slavic peoples. . .

Then it's war. "A ceaseless fight to the death" [quoting the pan-Slavist Bakunin] with Slavdom, which betrays the Revolution, a battle of annihilation and ruthless terrorism -- not in the interests of Germany , but of the Revolution. [p84]"Democratic Panslavism,"
Neue Rheinische Zeitung, February 1849 . The authorities Franz Mehring, Gustav Meyer, & Fernando Orlandi, attribute the above quotes to Engels.
Now here is "Hungary and Panslavism" that Friedrich Engels had published the previous month [January 1849], also approved by Marx who wrote for the same publication [Neue Rheinische Zeitung]:
These remains of nations [the Slavic peoples] which have been mercilessly trampled down by the passage of history, as Hegel expressed it, this ethnic trash always becomes and remains until its complete extermination or denationalization, the most fanatic carrier of counterrevolution, since its entire existence is nothing more than a protest against a great historical revolution. . . [p 63]
The next world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties but also entire reactionary peoples to disappear from the earth. And that too would be progress.
Cologne, January 1849, "Hungary & Panslavism," Neue Rheinische Zeitung, January 1849; p 67 -- written by Engels according to Franz Mehring, Gustav Meyer, & Fernando Orlandi. English translations in Karl Marx and Friederich Engels, The Russian Menace to Europe (Glencoe, Illinois: Free Press 1952 [editors: Paul Blackstock and Bert Hoselitz], page nos. from this edition).

It is doubtful that Lenin and Stalin highlighted these articles to their following in Russia and the Slavic republics of the USSR, the Soviet Union. But these quotes make it clear that today's Judeophobic Left that in fact inclines towards mass murder of Jews is aligned with their distinguished Communist forerunner, Friedrich Engels.

Note that Marx does not advocate war on the Slavs on behalf of a narrow German interest but on behalf of a universal interest in Revolution. Hence, universalists can be mass murderers and warmongers like anyone else. It is interesting that Marx and Engels were thinking in terms of world war as long ago as 1849.

The Italian translation of most of these remarks is as follows:
Ecco "Il Panslavismo Democratico":
Alle frasi sentimentali sulla fratellanza offerteci qui a nome delle nazioni più controrivoluzionarie d'Europa, noi rispondiamo che l'odio per i russi è stato ed è ancora la prima passione rivoluzionaria dei tedeschi; che dopo la rivoluzione si è aggiunto l'odio per i cechi e i croati, e che noi, insieme ai polacchi [buoni slavi] e ai magiari, possiamo salvaguardare la rivoluzione soltanto con il terrorismo più risoluto contro questi popoli slavi. . . Lotta allora, 'lotta inesorabile per la vita o per la morte' [citazione del pan-slavista Bakunin] contro lo slavismo traditore della rivoluzione; lotta di annientamento e terrorismo senza riguardi -- non nell'interesse della Germania, ma nell'interesse della rivoluzione!. . . . Un giorno compiremo sanguinosa vendetta sugli slavi
[Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Febbraio 1849; scritto da Engels secondo Franz Mehring, Gustav Meyer, Fernando Orlandi; K Marx, F Engels, Opere, vol VIII, pp 380-381, 377]
Ecco "Lotta dei Magiari":
La prossima guerra mondiale farà sparire dalla faccia della terra non soltanto classi e dinastie reazionarie, farà sparire anche interi popoli reazionari. E anche questo è un progresso.
[Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Gennaio 1849; scritto da Engels secondo Franz Mehring, Gustav Meyer e Fernando Orlandi. K Marx, F Engels, Opere, vol VII, p 237]
Is it just possible that these bloodthirsty remarks helped to inspire hitler? Indeed, if any capitalists or imperialists might want to kill off a recalcitrant or troublesome people, why, they would have quotes from Marx's close ally and cothinker, Engels, at their disposal to justify such a policy. Can Marx and Engels be our moral guides for the 21st century? Can any Leftist speaking in the name of Marxism or looking up to Marx and Engels as his inspirations and mentors be seen as a moral guide today?

Just bear in mind that many more Jews have been murdered by Arab terrorists since the monstruous Oslo Accords than in the same length of time before them.

CORRECTION: We Regret Our Earlier Uncertainty over the Authorship of "Democratic Panslavism." It Was Written by Engels according to the Authorities on These Matters.
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Coming: More on the follies of peace-making, the follies of making concessions to mass murderers, the warlike nature of diplomacy, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, massacre of Blacks in Tripoli, etc.


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