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Emet m'Tsiyon

Monday, March 19, 2007

Expel the Norwegian Ambassador!! Stop the Quislings Now!!

Norway has compounded its original sin of facilitating the lethal Oslo Accords. It has renewed relations with a government in the "Palestinian Authority" zones that does not accept those accords, that does not agree to make peace with Israel, that calls for terrorist attacks on Jewish civilians. The Hamas Charter is clear enough in its anti-Jewish theological hatred. There is little mystery about that. Yet none of this matters to the Quisling Judeophobes ruling Norway now. The socialist government in Norway today is the heir of Vidkun Quisling, the Nazi collaborationist ruler of Norway during World War 2 and the Holocaust. For centuries Jews were not allowed to live in Norway. Then exclusionary laws were changed and a small Jewish community developed there in the 19th century. These few Jews were subject to German Nazi and Norwegian Quisling persecution. Although some Jews were aided by Norwegians in escaping to neutral Sweden, others were sent to the Nazi death camps by both Germans and Norwegians. The Jewish people does not owe any moral debt to Norway as a whole.

Now, by eagerly accepting the Hamas-led government, Norway has demonstrated its bad faith in regard to the Oslo Accords. Precisely Norway, as the facilitator of those accords, should have been the most stringent European state in insisting on Arab fulfillment of those accords, even the hypocritical fig leaf for the accords which was that the Arab side would renounce terrorism and violence. Of course, arafat never fulfilled the accords and was constantly inciting his own people to mass murderous attacks on Jews. Now, the Hamas government has thrown away the fig leaf and openly calls for violence, mass murder, declares the Jews to be inferior, peddles Nazi-like lies based on the Protocols of Zion, and emphasizes age-old Muslim Judeophobic bigotry. Hence, there is no way to pretend that the new PA government even pays lip service to the Oslo Accords. Norway's eager formation of ties with this criminal entity is an act of bad faith, an act of Judeophobia, an act of Nazi collaboration like that of Quisling in 1940. And it was precisely Norway that should have stayed loyal to those accords that it facilitated. The Oslo Accords stated that the Oslo Declaration of Principles was supposed to be a path to peace, to lasting peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. Yet Hamas' Charter and statements by its leaders frankly disavow peace even as a goal for the future.

What can Israel do? Israel can expel the Norwegian ambassador and other diplomats down to the level of charge' d'affaires. There needs to be some Norwegian representative here and it is not advisable to break relations altogether. Of course, the Norwegians can retaliate by expelling Israeli diplomats from Oslo down to the level of charge' d'affaires. That's all well and good. There are too many Norwegian diplomats here as it is, whereas the Israeli diplomats in Oslo don't seem to be doing much good.

What do the Norwegian diplomats do here? They aid the PLO/PA/Hamas. They try to persuade Israelis to kowtow to the Arabs. Further, their diplomatic passports allow them to cross between Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Gaza and Ramallah. Who knows what they carry since their persons and their baggage are exempt from inspection [the sacred "diplomatic pouch"]? They are involved in various sorts of subversive, pro-Nazi [=pro-PLO, pro-Hamas] activities, also working through so-called NGOs [which are "non-governmental" in name only]. Hence, getting rid of these diplomats/pro-terrorism agents would be beneficial in lessening the Western pro-terrorist presence on the ground in the Land of Israel. Giving the Norwegian Quislings the comeuppance that they deserve could serve as a lesson to other Europeans thirsting for Jewish blood. Again, Norwegian acceptance of the Hamas government that openly favors terrorism and rejects peace is an act of extreme bad faith and dishonesty, not to mention hostility to Jews by the Quislings.

Further, permits for Norwegian citizens to stay in Israel beyond the regulation stay for tourism or pilgrimage purposes should be severely curtailed. Each such permit for each individual should be stringently examined. The activities of Norwegian "NGO"s should be curtailed, and their personnel subject to careful review. Those who have exploited a "humanitarian" cover for inhumane acts should be excluded --or expelled if already within the country. The pro-Nazi anti-human rights, anti-humanitarian NGOs already enjoy too comfortable a situation here. They can give money, weapons, aid and comfort to mass murderers in Ramallah or Jenin or Gaza, then go back to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, parts of their intended victim, and enjoy all the amenities of modern civilization. Norwegian citizens should no longer be allowed to play this treacherous role.

If you agree, tell Israeli government officials, embassies, consulates, etc. Let Olmert and Tsipi Livni know how you feel.
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Coming: more on Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, peace follies, more on James Baker, etc.

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