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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Javier Solana & Pierre Laval, Roughriders of the Desert Sands -- The EU Stirs Up Flames of War

Carolyn Glick points out that Javier Solana's declaration in Damascus in favor of restoring Syrian control of the Golan Heights [see previous post], an ancient part of the Land of Israel -- encourages the Syrian Baathist fascists to make war on Israel. As if they needed all that much encouragement.

This is an interesting about-face [or volte face] for the ever hypocritical and sinister European Union. Just several months ago, Solana, the EU's top diplomat, told a group of Knesset members that he rejected Syrian policy. Now he's diplomatically encouraging a Syrian war on Israel, while Syria is known to have recently much reinforced its offensive missile capacity precisely in the Syrian-held sector of the Golan Heights.
Knesset member Ofir Pines of the Labor Party, an avowed dove, responded angrily to Solana's bellicose remarks in Damascus. He also placed a resolution on the Knesset's agenda for an urgent discussion of this matter:
These remarks do not fit the remarks that Solana made several months ago in a forum with the participation of Knesset members. In those remarks Solana rejected Syrian foreign policy.
[Yisraeli, 3-15-2007]
So MK Pines points out that Solana is a double dealer, a double talker, a promise-breaker, much like his template Pierre Laval, onetime prime minister of the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy government in France. Like Laval, Solana was long a socialist. Are people unaware that the Vichy government in France included Communists, socialists, even Trotskyists, besides French racist nationalists, French fascists and conservatives? Check out names like Jacques Doriot, Marcel De'at, Laval of course, Xavier Vallat, etc. Anyway, Solana's warmongering is very dangerous to peace, although he may have performed the minor service of waking up MK Pines to the EU's treachery.

Solana's capitulation to the Syro-Nazis came while the blood was still freshly spilled in Lebanon of young Pierre Jumayyil [Gemayel], nephew of Bashir Jumayyil, assassinated by a Syrian bomb that killed some 25 other people in 1982. Young Jumayyil was killed only a few months ago, as part of Syria's policy to make sure that Lebanon stays under its thumb as a forward base for the Syrian-Iranian war on Israel, as well as becoming once again a source of profit for Assad & Co. There was some outrage in Europe after the Syrians had Rafiq Hariri murdered by a large bomb --that killed many other people too, by the way-- in 2005. Hariri's murder upset Europe. Maybe because Hariri was a billionaire and there may be an unwritten law in the arcane inner sancta of the international community that one must not kill billionaires [mere millionaires? OK, but not billionaires]. Further, Hariri seems to have made generous gifts to Jacques Chirac and Chirac is loyal to friends, although maybe not so loyal to France. So Chirac influenced EU and Western diplomacy generally to pressure and punish Assad Junior, lord of the family estate of Syria. Now, Solana is announcing that Europe wants to make up with Assad Junior so that the world's return to barbarism can proceed. None of the crimes of the Assad regime --listed in our previous post-- dissuaded Solana from his reptilian crawl.
- - - - - -
FLASH: Michael Oren refutes Walt-Mearsheimer by name. Implicitly, he is also refuting parts of the arguments of Jimmy Carter, James Baker, Professor Polk, etc.
A year ago. . . Stephen Walt of Harvard and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago published an 80-page paper entitled "The Israel Lobby." . . . . Walt and Mearsheimer alleged that since 1948 the cornerstone, the centerpiece of American foreign policy in the Middle East has been unequivocal support for the State of Israel . . . [which] has led to a great diversion in America's search for interest in the Middle East and has led America away from its inherent interest in supporting the regimes of Iran and of Syria, of organizations like Hizbullah and Hamas which of course bear no inherent animus toward the United States and its people. [from an address by Oren to the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee on 11 March 2007--to access the pdf file of Oren's article, hit this link or go into the Martin Kramer site and look on the list of links]
Note that Walt-Mearsheimer repeat one of the false claims made by ostensible "ultra-leftist", Noam Chomsky. This is the false claim about the US having a policy of "unequivocal support for the State of Israel" since 1948. Left and Right lie together. Curious, isn't it? In any event, the performance of Walt-Mearsheimer and of chomsky prove the moral corruption of many American academics, willing to lie for money, status, or prejudicial and fanatic passions.
- - - - - -
Coming: more on James Baker, Jews in Jerusalem, Jews in Hebron over the ages, peace follies, etc.



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