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Monday, April 02, 2007

NORWAY, Judeophobes in the Guise of Peace Mongers

Norway and its hyperactive "peace diplomacy" have done a lot of damage to the world, and to the Jews in particular. The Norwegian-facilitated Oslo Accords with the jihadist, mass murderous PLO in 1993 were supposed to lead to peace. Everyone knows that such was not the case. The PLO, in its new format as the "palestinian authority," continued its policy of mass murdering Jews from an improved strategic situation. That is, instead of operating from outside of the Land of Israel, the PLO terrorists and their Hamas brethren were enabled to operate from within the Land of Israel after the PA was set up in the summer of 1994. It is interesting that Arab terrorism against Israel actually increased after the Labor Party-Meretz-Shas govt took power in the summer of 1992, then accelerating even more after the Oslo Accords were announced in late August 1993.

Yet, despite the INCREASE in Arab terrorism against Israel after announcement of the accords, Norway has intensified its help for the terrorists since 1993. Just this year, 2007, after years of bloodshed, barbarous mass murder, and oceans of tears, Norway declared its full support for the Hamas jihadist terrorists, who --we recall-- had rejected and still reject the original Oslo Accords of 1993. Wilfully ignoring the genocidal Judeophobic clauses of the Hamas Charter, Norway cultivates the Hamas ministers of the PA govt [not that Abu Mazen's Fatah is essentially different]. Hence, Norway has a policy of encouraging Judeophobic mass murderers, as did Norway's govt during the Holocaust, the Quislings. One of the most destructive ways in which Norway promotes war and barbarism is the so-called Nobel "peace prize." This prize is a disgrace to the human race. Actually, one Norwegian member of the "peace prize" committee quit over the award of the prize to Arafat. His name was Kaare Kristensen. Nevertheless, the Oslo govt continues its destructive ways.

Just a few days ago, Israel's minister of foreign affairs, Tsipora Livni, met with Norwegian parliamentarians. But she was too stupid to complain to them that their country had shown bad faith toward the Norwegian-mediated Oslo Accords by granting full recognition to the Hamas govt in the palestinian authority.
19:48 La ministre des Affaires étrangères Tsipi Livni a déclaré lors de sa rencontre avec des députés norvégiens qu'afin d'éviter un gel des négociations, Israël avait convenu avec les Etats-Unis de mener des pourparlers sur les conditions nécessaires à la création d'un état palestinien. (Guysen.Israël.News)


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Coming: Judeophobia in Norway in the Nazi period, more on Jim Baker, Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem, etc.



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