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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Norwegian Judeophobia in Cartoons -- Expel the Norwegian Ambassador!! Stop the Quislings Now!!

The bad faith of Norway's government is blatant and outrageous. Not only does Norway recognize the Hamas government of the "Palestinian Authority" zones, which indeed rejects the Oslo Accords negotiated by Norwegian mediation --indeed rejects any peace with Israel-- but most of the Norwegian press insults Israel and the Jewish people. Here is an acount by Erez Uriely who lives in Norway.


Erez Uriely

Jewish mainstream media associate Norway with efforts to bring peace to Israel and the Middle East. Accordingly, we would expect the Norwegian media to propagate tolerance towards Jews. But in reality, the Norwegian media (and its politicians!) imprint in the public mind the ideas that Jews are a negative and arrogant people who care little for others; that they steal and cheat; that they are the source of violence, the cause of wars and therefore a danger to world peace. This anti-Jewish propaganda must be taken seriously, since everybody knows that pests must be eliminated – a central idea that enabled the Holocaust and other persecutions of Jews throughout history.

As usual these days, rather than blaming the “Jews”, the target is defined as “Israel” – the land and the country of the Jews. This propaganda is served in a sophisticated manner: packed in nice words, moral motives and love for humanity. Thus, the old
attitude towards the Jews continues its venomous life, more intensive and stronger than ever. Contrary to the common myth, anti-Judaism does not originate from the masses, but from leading politicians, major church leaders and leaders of major state-sponsored organizations, who expend vast efforts to present “Israel”, i.e., the Jews, as evil.

The most active anti-Jewish campaigners in Norway are of the “left-wing”, including politicians and the journalists who control the mass communication media. The mainstream newspapers demonize the Jews of Israel, creating sympathy for their enemies. The fastest and most effective means to spread that message is through caricatures.

Norwegian caricatures are not as crude and grotesque as the anti-Jewish caricatures that are so common in the Muslim world, but they are worse than the caricatures spread by the Nazi Germans. We must wake up and resolutely stop anti-Judaism propaganda from being distributed by the main Norwegian communication channels to the people. This propaganda was spread before the Holocaust and it must not be allowed again, against those who survived. [English summary of Hebrew article, Nativ March 2007]
Erez Uriely is the founder and director of the Norwegian Israel Center against Anti-Semitism (NIS) which focuses on uncovering expressions of hostility in the media and public organizations against Jews and Israel. EU has published numerous articles in the Norwegian media.

One of the main ways in which Norway does its work of wrecking the peace throughout the world is the Orwellian "peace prize." The Nobel Peace Prize was endowed by the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel. He assigned the Norwegian government [which appoints a committee for the purpose] to award the yearly prize, which entails a substantial amount of money. Otherwise, some awardees might turn it down for the sake of their honor. The Nobel Peace Prize is separate from the Nobel literature and science prizes which are awarded by Sweden.

Here is a cartoon from the Israeli press [the cartoonist Shiloh] about the absurdity and hypocrisy of the "peace prize."

Hanging on the wall alongside the pictures of mass murderers Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, and Nasrallah, is "Nobel Peace Prize." Arafat asks his American guest, pointing at the prize certificate, "Did Sharon ever get anything like that?"

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Coming: more on Norway, peace follies, Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem, etc.

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