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Friday, March 16, 2007

Pierre Solana & Javier Laval Ride Again!!! -- The EU Nostalgically Harks back to Vichy

Javier Solana confirms once again that he is a spiritual reincarnation of Pierre Laval, if not Laval's biological offspring. He just went to Damascus to fawn and grovel before the Damascus Dictator, young Bashar Assad, who inherited the family estate --sometimes known as Syria-- from Dad. Bashar's dad was Assad Senior, called Hafiz.

Javier Laval or Solana's message for the Syrian Supremo was:
We [the European Union] intend to make an effort as much as possible so that Syria can get back the areas conquered [occupied] from it in 1967. [Yisraeli, 3-15-2007]
Damascus, 14 March (AKI) - The European Union supports Syria in its endeavours to regain the Golan Heights from Israel, the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has stated. "We would like to work as much as possible to see your country Syria recuperate the territory taken in 1967," Javier Solana told a joint news conference with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem after meeting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday. [ADNKronos-Italian news service in English, Italian, and Arabic]
This EU demarche should get more attention than it has. It clearly demonstrates the Vichyite inclinations of EU policy today.
1) hatred for Jews
2) fawning over murderous fascist dictators
3) disregarding history and justice
4) cowardice, looking out for short term economic interests, etc.

For the record, the Syrian regime promotes age-old and modern Nazi lies about Jews, such as the blood libel [that Jews use Christian blood for baking Passover matsoh], the accusation of deicide, of killing Jesus, which lie led to many many thousands of Jewish victims over the ages.
The Golan Heights was Jewish inhabited and ruled in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine times, before the Arab Conquest, after which many areas in the Middle East were depopulated and/or economically ruined. This is confirmed by abundant archeological findings on the Golan Heights, including synagogues, miqveh baths, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek-language Jewish inscriptions, etc.
The Syrian regime has murdered many prominent Lebanese who were even slightly opposed to Syrian rule over Lebanon. The victims in Lebanon go back to 1977 with Kamal Jumblatt [father of Walid Jumblatt], then in later years, Bashir Jumayyil [Gemayel], Rene Mu`awad, Rafiq Hariri, Samir Kassir, Ghassan Tueini, and many others, not to mention failed assassinations, etc., not to mention the masses killed in Syrian bombardments, etc. Jumayyil and Mu`awad were both presidents of Lebanon.
Last but not least, Assad's Syria sponsors, finances, arms, and trains several Arab anti-Israel jihadist terrorist groups, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hizbullah.

It seems that the European Union has no shame. And it's a dangerous outfit.
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Coming: more on James Baker, peace follies, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, propaganda tricks, etc.



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