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Sunday, April 29, 2007

More on the Arab Conquest as an Act of Love & Generosity

Here is another account from Andrew Palmer's West Syrian Chronicles about the kind, loving, and generous Arab conquests of the seventh century.

This account is from the year 637 CE:

. . . and in January they took the word for their lives, (did) [the sons of] Emesa, and many villages were ruined with killing by [the Arabs of] Muhammad and a great number of people were killed and captives [were taken] from Galilee as far as Beth . . . . . and those Arabs pitched camp beside [Damascus?]. . .
[Andrew Palmer, ed. & tr., The Seventh Century in the West Syrian Chronicles (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press 1993), p 1]
A depressing series of events. But Edward Sa`id doesn't like the way Western travelers, writers, and scholars have depicted the noble Arab. However, this and the previous post on this blog present accounts from Palmer's book that were written by native Middle Eastern folk, by Orientals. I wonder what Sa`id said about this book, or would have said about it had he been aware of it. Emesa, located in central Syria, is now called Homs or Hims. Apparently the manuscript was in poor condition, forcing Palmer to try to infer which word or words may have originally been in places where the manuscript was defective. In the account quoted from Palmer here, the brackets and words in them are from Palmer, not me, although on other posts the brackets and their contents are mine.

UPDATING: Readers of Spanish can find on the previous post [of 4-26-2007], as an updating, a Spanish version of the passage from the ancient Syriac chronicle of 640CE given in two English versions on that post.
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Coming: The Louvre on Islam as replacing the ancient East, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Arab Conquest of the Ancient East, the Orient -- Not All Fun & Kisses

The Islamomania so prevalent today in Western academia, following the lead of the mendacious Edward Sa`id of Columbia University --in particular-- often depicts the spread of Islam and the Arabs as a peaceful process welcomed by the native peoples. According to this rosey-colored view, it was not really a conquest but an excursion of love, no more aggressive than the poetry competitions called the jocs florals of the medieval troubadours of Provence in southern France, and of Catalonia.

Here is an account of the Arab conquest of the Land of Israel. The account or chronicle, composed in the year 640 CE, was translated from a Christian form of Aramaic, widely spoken in the Levant and Fertile Crescent countries before and after the Arab conquest, but becoming increasingly extinct as its speakers flee from Arab/Muslim brutality in their homelands.

On Friday, 4 February, at the ninth hour, there was a battle between the Romans [= Byzantines] and the Arabs of Muhammad in Palestine twelve 'miles' east of Gaza. The Romans fled, leaving behind the patrikos the son of YRDN [בר ירדן בסורסית], whom the Arabs killed. Some 4,000 village people of Palestine were killed there, Christians, Jews, and Samaritans. The Arabs ravaged the whole region. . .
The Arabs invaded the whole of Syria and went down to Persia and conquered it; the Arabs climbed the mountains of Mardin [now in southeastern Turkey, formerly considered part of Syria in the broad sense] and killed many monks there (in the monasteries of) Qedar [= קידר?] and Benotho. . . "
[Andrew Palmer, ed. & tr., The Seventh Century in the West Syrian Chronicles (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press 1993), pp 18-19]

Here's another translation of the same passage:

In the year 945, indiction 7, on Friday 7 February (634) at the ninth hour, there was a battle between the Romans and the Arabs of Muhammad (tayyaye d-Mhmt) in Palestine twelve miles east of Gaza. The Romans fled, leaving behind the patrician bryrdn, whom the Arabs killed. Some 4000 poor villagers of Palestine were killed there, Christians, Jews and Samaritans. The Arabs ravaged the whole region.
[Robert Hoyland, Seeing Islam as Others Saw It. . .]
Notes: "The year 945" refers to the Seleucid era which began in 312 BCE. The name "tayyaye" refers to an Arab tribe, the Tay. This name is often used as a name for Arabs in the documents excerpted by Bat Ye'or in her books The Dhimmi and The Decline of Oriental Christianity. . . The name "bryrdn" is בר ירדן explained in Palmer's translation.

Now, this is not the usual rosey colored peaceful, or sometimes chivalrously glorious, depiction of the Arab conquest that academic Islamomaniacs are pleased to favor the literate public with today. Note that the chronicle mentions Jewish villagers killed along with Christians and Samaritans. Unfortunately, the author used the name "palestine" to refer to the Land of Israel. The P word had been introduced by Emperor Hadrian after suppressing the Jewish Bar Kokhba Revolt circa 135 CE. The P name replaced Judea as the official Roman name for the country. The purpose was to punish the Jews for the revolt by no longer calling the country after them. It also meant to make any future Jewish revolt more difficult.

This passage helps answer the question of the impact of Islam on the Orient. Was it constructive or destructive? In our view, the Arab-Islamic conquests wrecked the ancient East, which was a center of civilization in ancient times. The Arabs submerged the pre-existing cultures, peoples, religions, and languages. The East has never recovered, although it did not totally decline all at once. Its light continued to shine brightly enough into the Middle Ages so that it gave honor to the Arabs/Muslims --its wreckers-- to whom a high civilization is attributed for that period, but which now seems to have been the mere embers of the ancient East, embers that became dimmer over the centuries and were extinguished for good with the death of Ibn Khaldun, Arab civilization's last notable representative, in 1406. Sa`id, as a base propagandist, could not recognize this. Was Sa`id justified in identifying the East tout court with the Arabs and Islam?

UPDATING: here is another version of the passage above, in Spanish translation, with some significant differences in detail.

“Y en el año novecientos cuarenta y cinco [se entiende, de la era de los griegos], en la séptima indicción, en el mes de Shebat, en el día cuarto, feria sexta, a la hora de nona, hubo una batalla de los romanos con los árabes de Mahoma en Palestina, a doce millas al oriente de Gaza. Los romanos huyeron, y abandonaron al Patricio, hijo de Iardan, y a éste lo mataron los árabes. Allí murieron unos cuarenta mil campesinos pobres de Palestina: cristianos, judíos y samaritanos. Y los árabes devastaron toda la región. Y en el año novecientos cuarenta y siete, en la novena indicción, los árabes invadieron toda Siria, y descendieron a la región de los persas y la sometieron. Y subieron al monte de Mardæ, y los árabes asesinaron a muchos monjes en Qedar y en BnÅtå...” [Francisco Javier Martinez, Archbishop of Granada, in a lecture before the Royal Historical Academy (Real Academia de la Historia), 29 April 2002]
The most significant difference is the number of local civilian victims among Christians, Jews and Samaritans. This translation gives the number of "40,000 poor peasants of Palestine," whereas the versions quoted above give the number of 4,000. This translation also identifies the month as Shebat rather than February. Shebat is one of the months of the Hebrew calendar. It usually overlaps January and February. The date is given as the 4th of Shebat, whereas Hoyland's version gives 7 February and Palmer's version gives 4 February.
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Coming: more on James Baker, on propaganda, Jews in Hebron & Jerusalem, peace follies, etc.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quislings Strike Again!!! -- Expel the Norwegian Ambassador!!!

UPDATING as of 1-3-2008 at bottom

The Norwegian government has no shame. On the day that Hamas shot one hundred qassam rockets and mortars at Israel,
Norway called on the United States and the European Union to normalize their economic relations with the Palestinian Authority. (Guysen Israel News) [24 April 2007]
La Norvège a appelé les Etats-Unis et l'UE à normaliser leurs relations économiques avec l'Autorité palestinienne. (Guysen.Israël.News) [24 April 2007]
This means that Norway wants the EU and USA to give Hamas more money which --judging by experience-- Hamas will use to buy weapons and pay its terrorist gangsters. Now Norway is acting as a pimp for the Hamas. Norway already had "normalized" its diplomatic relations with the Hamas-led government of the "palestinian authority." Norway doesn't mind the Nazi-like jihadist character of Hamas as expressed in its charter. By recognizing the Hamas government, Norway demonstrates bad faith, for Norway was the sponsor of the monstrous Oslo Accords of 1993 that were supposed to lead to peace. Norway today is a state with a Quisling government. [These are links to my previous posts on Norway given in reverse time order, latest first]

Here is a gem from the Hamas charter:
At the End of Days, the Muslims will fight and kill the Jews. Some Jews will hide behind rocks and trees. These rocks and trees will cry out, O Muslim, a Jew is hiding behind me. Come kill him. [Article Seven]
This fable is a very old Muslim tradition [hadith] known in several somewhat different versions. It demonstrates the Judeophobia at the heart of traditional Islam. Hamas did not invent it but rather brought it back into prominence.

Israel must expel all Norwegian diplomatic personnel down to the level of charge' d'affaires [who would be permitted to stay under close supervision]. Israel should also withdraw long-term residence permits from Norwegian citizens working for fake "humanitarian" outfits ["NGOs"] that are meant to help the Arabs against Israel. Offices in Israel of all Norwegian NGOs working to help the Arabs should be shut down.

UPDATING as of 3 January 2008: Sri Lanka, which has also --like Israel-- been plagued with a Norwegian-brokered "peace" agreement with their own locals terrorists, has just announced to Norway that they are cancelling the agreement, which did not bring peace but only more war and terrorism. I don't understand why Sri Lanka accepted Norwegian mediation in the first place. Didn't they observe how we suffered after Norway's interference in our affairs by promoting the Oslo accords of 1993??

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Coming: more on James Baker, propaganda, Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem, etc.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Susiya -- Ancient Jewish Town Southeast of Hebron

in the Roman-Byzantine [Talmudic] Era

Jews continued to live in Judah, the former kingdom of Judah, after defeat of the Bar Kokhba Revolt against the Roman Empire [135 CE]. However, Jerusalem and its surrounding area, renamed the polis of Aelia Capitolina by Rome, became almost entirely empty of Jews --Judenrein-- after the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Jews in the war against Rome [according to Roman historian, Dio Cassius]. Eusebios, an early Christian historian who lived in Caesarea, reported an imperial decree forbidding Jews to live anywhere near Jerusalem, which is interpreted to mean anywhere in the Aelia Capitolina polis or colonia. Jews in the Aelia Capitolina zone who had survived the war, moved to the Galilee & Golan, to the Lowlands [Shefelah] around Lod, and to Hebron and the south side of Mount Hebron.

The territory of the First Temple times Kingdom of Judah was only part of the Roman Province of Judea, which --roughly speaking-- was equivalent to the Land of Israel. At the time of the defeat of Bar Kokhba, the Romans not only changed Jerusalem's name but officially renamed the whole province "Syria Palaestina." Hence, usage of "Palestine" as the official name of the country begins as an act of imperial repression against the native people of the Land, the Jews.
Remains of Marble Adornments around the Ark of the Torah - now in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. The Hebrew word on the left of the left fragment is אתחזק [et'hazeq], I will be strengthened.
Susiya was an impressive Jewish town on the south of Mount Hebron. The synagogue was impressive with its architecture, beautiful mosaics, the marble screen or railing around the ark of the Torah --which was surmounted by carved, inscribed marble adornments [as above] , and its several Hebrew and Hebrew-Aramaic inscriptions. The adornment around the top of the Ark --in good condition considering its age and the historical vicissitudes that it has been through-- can be seen at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Susiya was founded, it seems, in the First Century CE, while the Second Temple was still standing. Yet its major growth started in the 3rd century, with the more liberal policy of the Severan emperors towards the Jews. And this growth reached a peak in the 6th century. Susiya lasted into the period after the Arab Conquest, sometimes called the Early Muslim Period. Towards the end of the 8th century, decay overcame Susiya and other Jewish towns and villages on Mount Hebron. Susiya was then abandoned for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, Rome had settled Syrians in the largely depopulated Aelia Capitolina polis [including Jerusalem], while some authorities describe the colonists as Greco-Syrians [Mary Sherwood] or Syrians and Arabs [Michael Avi-Yonah]. These colonists might be considered the nucleus of the so-called "palestinian people." Joshua Schwartz says that a few Jews continued to live in remote corners of the polis or colonia, and Schwartz says it is uncertain that there was a Roman decree forbidding Jews to live anywhere in the colonia. In any case, if there were such a decree, the Roman enforcement of it eventually grew lax and Jews seem to have returned to even the city of Jerusalem and set up a yeshiva, no less, which was called Qahala Qadisha d'bYrushalayim [קהלא קדישא דבירושלים]. They were followers of Rabbi Me'ir. Schwartz adds that some of the Jews in Jerusalem in that period were simple folk . The renewed tolerance for Jews in Jerusalem seems to have occurred in the 3rd century. However, after the Roman Empire became Christian in the 4th century, Jews were definitely banned from the city and polis of Aelia. By the way, Aelia refers to Emperor Hadrian's clan or gens name. Capitolina refers to the Capitoline hill in Rome and the Roman temple on it.

Of course, the capacity of the Arabs and their Western sympathizers and promoters to invent a never existent "palestinian people" who allegedly inhabited the heart of the Land of Israel instead of the Jews will not be curtailed despite the abundant evidence that is available, some of which we present here. Here are several more photos of the Susiya synagogue. Note the rich colors, the delicate beauty of the marble adornment of the Ark of the Torah, and the inscriptions in Hebrew and Hebrew-Aramaic in Hebrew letters that can be read today, albeit with some difficulty.

In this mosaic floor inscription, the Hebrew words שלום על ישראל אמן [Peace Upon Israel Amen] are clearly visible on the bottom line. The inscription is in memory of a kohen [priest] and sofer [scribe] whose family presumably donated funds to build the synagogue [plaques for donors, just like today]. The mosaic inscription below is in Aramaic rather than Hebrew and is also a memorial dedicatory inscription.

Source of the photos is : חורבת סוסיא עיר מתקופת התלמוד by זאב ייבין [Ze'ev Yeivin, The Ruins of Susiya, A City from the Talmudic Period (Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority 1993)].
Also see, Yehoshu`a Shvarts [= Joshua Schwartz], היישוב היהודי ביהודה מלאחר מרד בר-כוכבא ועד לכיבוש הערבי [The Jewish Population in Judah from after the Bar Kokhba Revolt until the Arab Conquest (Jerusalem: Magnes Press 1985-1986)].
`Oded Porath, article in Maqor Rishon under the Tiyul rubric, 3-30-2007.
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Coming: more on James Baker and the Petro-Diplomatic Complex, more on propaganda, etc.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FORECASTS: Azmi Bishara Will Be Declared a World Martyr -- The EU Will Demand Release of Barghouti as a Step Toward "Peace"

In the past few days rumors and reports have been swirling around the name of Azmi Bishara, the ex-Communist, Arab nationalist member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament. He is out of the country and has supposedly been interviewed by al-Jazeera, the Arab nationalist demagoguery channel. He also is supposed to have been offered a job as a commentator on Israeli affairs with al-Jazeera. Israeli Channel 10 reported that he had already submitted a letter of resignation to the Knesset chairwoman, Dalya Itsik. This was denied by his party Balad, that complained that he would announce his resignation after coming back to Israel, and that he was subject to political persecution here. Later, Balad or Balad members denied that he would resign.

My prediction is that after sufficient press and media interest has been built up over his future, Bishara will call a press conference, probably in a wealthy Arab country, where he will announce his resignation, claiming that Israel was making life impossible for him in his own country. That Israel was evil, an apartheid state like South Africa, oppressive, colonialist, exploitative right-wing, and perhaps too, that the Jews had a peculiar odor, maybe the foetor iudaicus which feverish minds in medieval Europe had attributed to Jews. Maybe the Jews then bathed too much or ate too much garlic. Bishara will complain that nobody in Israel's government listens to him or does his bidding, and that his freedom of speech was being curtailed because he had dared to make a journey for peace and justice to Syria where he had hailed the Hizbullah and made his obeisance to the ruling Assad family. For the sake of peace and justice. Further, it was useless to try and work for peace and justice through the Israeli Knesset, because he and the other Arab members of Knesset were always outvoted.

On the charge of apartheid, I remember eating in the restaurant at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem while Bishara sat at another table with another Van Leer staff member, a Jew. Bishara was apparently a Van Leer employee at the time. For those who don't know it, the Van Leer is one of several academic ivory towers in Jerusalem.

Actually, Bishara should have been removed from the Knesset long ago because of his trips to Syria, an enemy state. In case anyone is unaware, Syria assiduously spreads Judeophobic propaganda of a medieval sort. For instance, former "Defense" Minister Mustafa Tlas wrote a few books justifying the charges against Damascene Jews in 1840 for allegedly killing a priest [a European, Roman Catholic missionary, by the way] in order to use his blood to be baked in matsot [unleavened bread for Passover]. Scores of Damascene Jews, including children and women, were arrested and tortured, supposedly to find the culprits, all this with the approval of the French consul in Damascus at the time. Four Jews died under torture.

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FORECAST: The EU --and maybe the US State Dept too-- will strongly urge Israel to liberate terrorist string-puller, Marwan Barghouti, a close Arafat associate, now in an Israeli jail on five counts of murder. Hamas has already put Barghouti's name on a list of about 450 terrorist criminals that it claims to be willing to trade for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, illegally held captive by the Hamas government of the "palestinian authority." Shalit was seized in the early summer of 2006 from an Israeli position on the Israeli side of the old armistice line dividing Israel from the Gaza Strip. According to international law, governments are supposed to allow the Red Cross to have access to prisoners of war. The Hamas, which is now the palestinian authority government, refuses to do this. The Red Cross [ICRC] does not complain. The Israeli foreign ministry does not complain either to the Red Cross [ICRC] or to the Swiss government which essentially controls the ICRC. Not even the poor boy's father, No`am Shalit, complains about lack of ICRC access to his son. Without such access, without any photos or recordings of the boy having been given out since he was taken prisoner, there is no reason to believe that he is still alive. Yet Hamas and Palestinian Authority officials frankly admit or claim that the Hamas holds him. PA president/chairman Mahmud Abbas [abu mazen] said this yesterday, 9 April 2007.

Now, I cannot understand why the boy's father has not complained about the lack of ICRC access. On the other hand, the foreign ministry of Israel is headed by Ms Tsipora [Birdbrain] Livni, probably the stupidest, most unfit foreign minister that Israel has ever had. Her incompetence as foreign minister might be considered criminal, but that would have to be investigated of course. Anyhow, her stupidity and her favoritism for peace-mongering slogans and policies explain her failure to cite Hamas violation of international law governing prisoners of war. Israel should have pointed very audibly to this violation as a reason why no state should have relations with the present palestinian authority government. That should have been one of the things that she told the Norwegian parliamentarians whom she met recently [see 3 earlier posts]. By recognizing the Hamas govt and by establishing relations with it, Norway scoffed at international law. This betrayal of Gilad Shalit's human rights --guaranteed by international law-- by itself would clearly have justified expelling the Norwegian ambassador from Israel --although I did not mention this reason on the earlier posts mentioned above.

In any event, Barghouti must not be freed. Indeed, we have had very bitter experience with prisoner releases and prisoner trades. A trade of three Israel soldiers for 1150 Arab terrorist prisoners in 1985 was one of the causes of the terrorism upsurge called the "intifada" in 1987. Israel has other means for obtaining release of Shalit.
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Coming: more on James Baker, propaganda, peace follies, a beautiful Byzantine era synagogue south of Hebron, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, etc.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Who Is James Baker?? -- Part 3

President Harry Truman essentially defied the policy wish of the State Department, War Department [now called "Defense Dept"], and the CIA when he supported Israel's rebirth in 1948, albeit only lukewarmly. We have shown this in previous posts. Now, let's resume quotes from Michel Gurfinkiel's article "Report on Baker" [Rapport sur Baker]. After pointing out that Truman supported Israel's reestablishment in the 1947-1948 period, he points out that this friendly, if not warmly supportive, policy did not last.
From 1949 to 1961, during the major part of Truman's second term, and during Eisenhower's two terms, America adopted a cold, if not hostile, attitude towards Israel: No economic aid (with the exception of 'charitable' gifts from the Jewish community), no military aid (an embargo forbid even in that period the export of American military equipment to the Jewish state), no diplomatic cooperation (the United States imposed the immediate evacuation of Sinai [on Israel] after the Suez Campaign in 1956).
First a minor correction, there was some very minor US economic aid to Israel in this period, mostly involving purchases of US food. However, starting in 1951, the USA started a policy of enriching Saudi Arabia's royal parasites through ARAMCO. This policy had the Saudis legislate a per barrel "oil income tax" on ARAMCO. Then, ARAMCO was allowed to deduct the full amount of this "tax" [really a royalty] from its US corporate income tax on the grounds of the Foreign Tax Credit Law. This meant a heavy US subsidy for the Saudis, a disguised form of foreign aid. Hence, Saudi Arabia has probably received more US foreign monetary aid than any other state.

Gurfinkiel goes on to point out that starting in the 1960s with the Kennedy Administration, and then under Johnson and Nixon,
Washington started a rapprochement with Jerusalem
This relationship resulted in major sales of US weapons to Israel, including fighter aircraft, whereas Israel had fought and won the Six Day War of 1967 with an air force almost entirely made up of French military aircraft. In that war, the Egyptian and Syrian air forces were mainly Soviet. The Israeli victory gave French military aircraft a very good reputation among the world's air forces, leading to increased sales. France did not return the favor. Instead, De Gaulle declared an embargo on major military sales to Israel just as the USA was eliminating its embargo.

Nevertheless, not everyone was pleased with the US-Israel alliance. The Petro-Diplomatic Complex was not happy.
In the eyes of the oil men and their friends, the most powerful lobby in the country [America], this [pro-Israel] 'deviation' could only be explained by the action of a 'Jewish lobby," at least as powerful [as itself]. This was a classic case of projecting on one's adversary one's own behavior.
Gurfinkiel does not mention it, but one of the ways that the Petro-Diplomatic Complex countered pro-Israel forces in the United States was to work through foundations like the Ford Foundation, which in turn directed and funded all sorts of fake "human rights" and "peace" groups to unfairly attack and libel Israel. The pro-Arab, anti-Israel bodies agitating at the 2001 Durban Conference to smear Israel were to a large extent coordinated and/or funded by the Ford Foundation, according to articles by Edwin Black for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Source: Michel Gurfinkiel, "Rapport sur Baker," France-Israel Information no. 335, Oct-Nov-Dec 2006.

UPDATE ON THE PETRO-DIPLOMATIC COMPLEX: See this article by John R MacArthur on the Saudi Lobby in the USA and on its friends in the Petro-Diplomatic Complex.
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Coming: more on James Baker, on Carter's support for apartheid against Jews, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, Jewish antiquities, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

NORWAY, Judeophobes in the Guise of Peace Mongers

Norway and its hyperactive "peace diplomacy" have done a lot of damage to the world, and to the Jews in particular. The Norwegian-facilitated Oslo Accords with the jihadist, mass murderous PLO in 1993 were supposed to lead to peace. Everyone knows that such was not the case. The PLO, in its new format as the "palestinian authority," continued its policy of mass murdering Jews from an improved strategic situation. That is, instead of operating from outside of the Land of Israel, the PLO terrorists and their Hamas brethren were enabled to operate from within the Land of Israel after the PA was set up in the summer of 1994. It is interesting that Arab terrorism against Israel actually increased after the Labor Party-Meretz-Shas govt took power in the summer of 1992, then accelerating even more after the Oslo Accords were announced in late August 1993.

Yet, despite the INCREASE in Arab terrorism against Israel after announcement of the accords, Norway has intensified its help for the terrorists since 1993. Just this year, 2007, after years of bloodshed, barbarous mass murder, and oceans of tears, Norway declared its full support for the Hamas jihadist terrorists, who --we recall-- had rejected and still reject the original Oslo Accords of 1993. Wilfully ignoring the genocidal Judeophobic clauses of the Hamas Charter, Norway cultivates the Hamas ministers of the PA govt [not that Abu Mazen's Fatah is essentially different]. Hence, Norway has a policy of encouraging Judeophobic mass murderers, as did Norway's govt during the Holocaust, the Quislings. One of the most destructive ways in which Norway promotes war and barbarism is the so-called Nobel "peace prize." This prize is a disgrace to the human race. Actually, one Norwegian member of the "peace prize" committee quit over the award of the prize to Arafat. His name was Kaare Kristensen. Nevertheless, the Oslo govt continues its destructive ways.

Just a few days ago, Israel's minister of foreign affairs, Tsipora Livni, met with Norwegian parliamentarians. But she was too stupid to complain to them that their country had shown bad faith toward the Norwegian-mediated Oslo Accords by granting full recognition to the Hamas govt in the palestinian authority.
19:48 La ministre des Affaires étrangères Tsipi Livni a déclaré lors de sa rencontre avec des députés norvégiens qu'afin d'éviter un gel des négociations, Israël avait convenu avec les Etats-Unis de mener des pourparlers sur les conditions nécessaires à la création d'un état palestinien. (Guysen.Israël.News)


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Coming: Judeophobia in Norway in the Nazi period, more on Jim Baker, Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem, etc.