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Emet m'Tsiyon

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quote from Israel's ambassador to the UN

Back in 1979, Yehuda Blum said the following:

Stop the Annapolis Conference for War & Genocide!!!

olmert is not a legitimate prime minister!! No concession of Jewish national rights that he makes at Annapolis --or has already made in the past-- has any legitimacy or validity!!

The latest olmert scandal is that today, 25 November 2007, the Israeli police were supposed to release their recommendations as to whether or not to prosecute him for crimes of corruption in the Bank Leumi case, which is only one of the four or five corruption scandals that olmert has been involved in. Three of these corruption cases have been under criminal investigation for a few months, and less formal investigation before that. The Bank Leumi scandal was investigated by the State Controller who recommended prosecution to the Attorney General. The latter personage is another corrupt character who is delaying prosecution in this and other cases on account of his anti-national ["leftist"] political leanings. The police recommendation is probably for prosecution of olmert in this case because otherwise there would not have been pressure by forces unnamed to delay announcement of the police recommendation.

In any event, Bush and Condi and the State Department are pretending that they are negotiating with a legitimate Israeli prime minister at Annapolis. But they know better. They are conscious promoters of the Arab racist and imperialist cause against Israel. They have become conscious supporters of Arab terrorism, and faciliators of terrorism. By encouraging Arab anti-Israel terrorism, they encourage Islamic terrorism everywhere --including against the United States, their own country.

Bush, Condi and the State Department have invited Syria to the Annapolis Conference. Thus, they knowingly encourage and support an established state that is a terrorist state, a gangster state that has designs to rule its neighbor Lebanon and denies Lebanon's sovereignty. Syria has used its agents in Lebanon to assassinate political leaders, members of parliament, prime ministers, former prime ministers, and journalists in Lebanon who opposed Syrian control of that country. Syria is a gangster state that spreads Nazi-like propaganda against the Jews. Yet, Bush --who pretends to be against terrorism and in favor of international law and order-- pleaded with the Syrian gangsters in chief to come to Condi's Annapolis garden party where pieces of Israel's living body will be served to the guests as hors-d'oeuvres.

We all know that Mahmud Abbas [Abu Mazen is his terrorist nom de guerre] is an unreformed terrorist who pretends to be moderate and favor peace. But words are cheap as we all know. We were promised "peace" at the time that the Oslo accord was signed in Washington on the White House lawn. Our lives became much much worse after Oslo and only constant vigilance by Israel's heroic Army and Border Guard keep us protected from mass murderers today.

One of Condi's demands was that Israel stop building in Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria, called "settlements" by Condi's guided press and media. Judea & Samaria are the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. Indeed, the Land of Israel as a whole [grosso modo] was called Judea by the Roman Empire in its heyday. Judea & Samaria of today are also parts of the Jewish National Home set up by the San Remo Conference [1920], endorsed by the League of Nations [1922], confirmed by the UN in its charter [Article 80], and NOT cancelled by the UN partition plan recommended by the General Assembly on 29 November 1947. To prevent Jews from inhabiting the heart of their ancient homeland is RACIST, besides showing contempt for international law. Of course, Israel's enemies, including the State Department, the British Foreign Office, the Arab League states, and the EU Commission make opposing claims in order to further their Judeophobic plans. Honest people will express contempt for the corrupt machinations of Israel's enemies. Bush, Condi, the State Department and the British Foreign Office support anti-Jewish racism!

Annapolis is a political crime. It endangers decent people everywhere, even those Arabs who may want real peace. Annapolis promotes terrorism, war, and genocide!!! It is not legitimate. Its decisions and conclusions will not be legitimate.


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