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Monday, January 28, 2008

The MSM Lie about Israel's Blockade of Gaza

UPDATING 1-29-2008

For several weeks now, the major worldwide propaganda propagators --also known as News Networks or the MSM-- have been telling the moving tale of Gazans suffering at Israel's hands. Israel had imposed a blockade on all sorts of goods going into the Gaza Strip, now ruled by Hamas. Shortly after Israel announced that it was cutting fuel shipments into Gaza, the Hamas, put on two shows to impress world public opinion with the humanitarian plight of Gaza inhabitants, although "humanitarian" is the last word one ought to use to describe Hamas itself, given its openly genocidal intentions toward Jews [see Article 7 of the Hamas Charter].

The first Hamas show was to itself turn off street lights in Gaza City and hold a candlelight parade featuring many children --as well as adults-- carrying candles in order to demonstrate life in darkness because of Israel's cut off of fuel. But the Hamas had itself turned off the lights. Further, Gaza has been and still is receiving about 70% of its electricity from Israel's national electricity company, Hevrat haHashmal, and about 5% from the Egyptian electric company. Neither Israel nor Egypt had cut off the supply of electricity and there was enough fuel in Gaza to keep the local generators, which produced about 20-25% of the Gaza electricity supply, going for some time. It was Hamas' own decision to thwart the reduced supply by turning off electricity itself in order to put on a propaganda show. The major international MSM did not report the fraud by Hamas, although France24 added as an afterthought at the end of its "reports" on the Hamas show that Israel had cut off fuel to Gaza because of rockets from Gaza landing in Israel.

The second show was a meeting of the Hamas governing council in Gaza at which the council members were allegedly forced to sit in candlelight --again because Israel had cut off the fuel for the generators. However, some still photographs of the candlelit meeting show curtains that could not hide the sunlight outside. In other words, the "candlelit meeting" was held during daylight.
Even when MSM reported why Israel had cut off fuel, sketchily and as an afterthought to be sure, they omitted explaining who exactly in Gaza was shooting the rockets at Israel.

Now, last week the Hamas blew up the fence between Egypt and Gaza, a project which they had been working on for months. They had first weakened the steel fence/wall by cutting parts of its supports away with acetylene or electric torches. Destruction of the fence allowed hundreds of thousands of Gazans to go to Egyptian towns, Rafiah and al-Arish, in order to make purchases of all sorts of goods, from motorscooters to furniture. First of all, this means that despite the constant description of these people as poor, they in fact had savings with which to purchase goods. Moreover, it made clear that Egypt was as much involved in blockading Gaza as was Israel. After all, both Egypt and Israel lie alongside Gaza. So it should have been obvious all along that if there were a blockade or embargo on Gaza, then Egypt was doing it as much as was Israel. Now, Egypt wants to resume withholding supplies from Gaza. After all, if there is no shortage of supplies in Gaza, then Israel can't be blamed. Which is what is most important. The suffering of Arabs in Gaza is meant to be an exhibit in a "humanitarian" indictment against Israel in the court of public opinion, where, unfortunately, the usual rules of evidence in a civilized court do not apply. Furthermore, the "exhibits" cannot be allowed to escape their status by emigrating from Gaza to places with better opportunities and less Hamas bad government and less PLO/PA & Hamas death cult indoctrination.
Outside Rafah, lines of trucks with Cairo plates could be seen stopped at checkpoints and being sent back to the capital. But security officials in Cairo, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, denied any shipments to Rafah were being blocked.[Omar Sinan, AP 1-28-08]
So Egypt is going so far as to stop trucks from bringing in more supplies to Rafiah and Al-Arish from Cairo. Of course, they lie about it, as the AP reporter, Sinan, an Arab judging by his name, points out.
The BBC report is even more explicit:
Egypt has started choking off supplies to its border zone with Gaza in an attempt to discourage Palestinians from pouring into the area, reports say.[BBC, 1-28-08]
Here's another AP report on Egyptian policy:
Palestinians moved freely across the border for a sixth day into the muddy Egyptian side of Rafah town where many stores are displaying empty shelves after trucks carrying supplies from Cairo area have been prevented from entering the town. . .
Egyptian storekeepers, despite the financial windfall of the past few days, expressed worry of the continuing flow of Palestinians into their stores in light of an apparent government decision to halt the resupply shipments.[AP in Jerusalem Post, 1-28-2008]
UPDATING 1-29-2008: see this report in the same vein as the ones cited above [Omar Sinan, 1-29-2008 AP].
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Who is withholding supplies from the Gaza Arabs? Can the withholding of supplies be called a blockade?? If it can, then Egypt is blockading Gaza and has been blockading Gaza as much as Israel.

Meanwhile, the Seconddraft website [of Professor Richard Landes] examines the false accusation against Israel of killing an Arab family on the Gaza Beach in 2005.
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Coming: New archeological discovery supports Biblical history, peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem & the Land of Israel, etc.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Very Own Vichyites

Vichyites are rightly regarded with contempt. But what motivated these creatures? Did they share the Nazi ideology of Nordic racial supremacy and kampf [= unending struggle]? Some did share it. Others had other motives. Some wanted the Nazis to help them by getting rid of their domestic enemies for them. Some "right-wing" Vichyites agitated in this way of thinking. On the other hand, the Commies in France --like the USSR and the "Third International"-- opposed making war on or resisting the Nazi conquerors ["occupiers" in today's lingo] on the grounds that resistance and opposition served British imperialism or imperialism as such [tout court]. War against the Nazis was "an imperialist war." That was the Communist position after the Nazi-Soviet Pact of August 1939. But their position changed, of course, after the Nazi German army invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. In the Commie perspective from 9-1939 to 6-1941, accepting the Nazi conquests was being on the side of peace. Indeed, the German and Soviet foreign ministers declared a joint "struggle for peace" in the Fall of 1939 while the fires of war were still burning in Poland and the persecutions of Jews had begun.

After the Nazi German conquest of France in 1940, Communists of both the Stalinist and Trotskyist varieties joined the Vichy regime set up as part of France's surrender to Germany. Therefore, some Stalinists and Trotskyists became official Vichyites. Other Trotskyists who remained in the underground in France and Belgium during the war argued against armed resistance to the Nazis. Instead they wanted to see the hobnailed-boot-wearing Wehrmacht as fellow members of the working class. Instead of armed resistance, they put out an underground paper meant for the occupying forces called Arbeiter und Soldat [Worker and Soldier].

Before the war, "socialists" and "social democrats" and "right-wingers" and "nationalists" too were on the side of peace. They opposed resistance to Hitler's aggressive aims and advocated peace with Hitler by satisfying his territorial demands [Territory-for-Peace]. After the conquest and occupation of France in the summer of 1940 members of all these groups joined Vichy. Think of Pierre Laval, Jacques Doriot, Marcel Déat, Xavier Vallat, Drieu la Rochelle, Brasillach, etc. I think it proper to use the term Vichyite for those who --before WW2 began in September 1939-- were eager for peace with Nazi Germany, to the point of agreeing to Hitler's various pre-war territorial demands. Think of the Saar, the Sudetenland [a mountainous, ethnic-German-inhabited area of Czechoslovakia, vital for that country's defense], Danzig, Memel, and Alsace-Lorraine.

In the Nazi-fascist period, the Arab nationalists and many European Muslims joined the Nazis and sided with them openly. Hitler saw Islamic jihad as an admirable concept and institution [see here]. It resembled his own kampf notion. Arabs and Bosnian and Soviet Muslims joined the Wehrmacht and SS in special Arab and/or Muslim units and in units with non-Muslims. The Nazis were served by an Arab Legion, by a Bosnian Muslim SS division [the Handschar, pronounced khanjar], and by the Kossovo Albanian Muslim Skanderbeg SS unit.

Nowadays, all sorts of peacemongers and "human rights" and "humanitarian" exponents oppose Israel fighting against Nazi-like Arab terrorists and jihadists, such as Hizbullah & Hamas for example. Indeed they provide vital political support and human shield services for the Arab mass murderers and "resistance" movements, misusing the word "resistance" as if these mass murders had an affinity to the French Resistance against the Nazis. This group of supporters also includes artists, poets, novelists, and other intellectual brutalitarians -- including Noam chomsky, the late Edward Said, n finkelstein, José Saramago, Tom Paulin [Oxford prof of Eng lit], K Stockhausen, Hollywood's late Mustafa Akkad, etc. Karl Stockhausen, a German composer, considered the attack on the Twin Towers "a work of art." This just goes to show how reliable many or most of our artistic crowd are in their political and moral judgements. Perhaps providentially Mustafa Akkad was killed by his own heroes in a terrorist attack on a hotel in the ancient Ammonite town of Rabbath-Ammon, now Arab-inhabited under the name Amman, Jordan, in November 2005.

Is this phenomenon new? In fact, artists, poets, novelists, film directors [i.e., Leni Riefenstahl] supported the Nazis in those fateful days. One Vichyite novelist was Jean Giono of France, who described adolf hitler as "a poet in action." Jean Giraudoux was a respected "anti-war" playwright. His play Tiger at the Gates [in French, La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu] was meant to promote peace with Nazi Germany. Tiger at the Gates was a favorite of the "anti-war" movement in the US back in the 1960s. A prominent theme evoked by pre-WW2 Vichyites of both "right" and "left" was to blame any future war on the Jews. The socialist Zoretti declared a few months after the pro-Nazi Munich Pact that: "We are not going to make war for 100,000 Polish Jews." As if the hapless Polish Jews were bringing about the Nazi German invasion of Poland [see here for references for these quotes and other info in this article].

Unfortunately Israel too now has its own Vichyites. We have the Peace Now Movement, which follows an identically named American organization that called for peace with Nazi Germany in the midst of World War 2 and the Holocaust. Then we have the morally defective Avraham Burg who --disappointed that his demands for increased retirement benefits were rejected by a court-- turned against Israel; maybe the European Union pays better. The morally corrupt, egocentric and slightly mad Shulamit Aloni is another Vichyite. It is interesting that all three want olmert to continue as prime minister --despite his immorality, criminal corruption and incompetence at managing the state-- because they believe that he is likely to surrender territory to the Arabs [see link].

Another Israeli Vichyite and peacemonger is Daniel Barenboim, a talented musician who is not notorious enough for his insensitivity toward his terminally ill wife. Then we have the pro-Arab Nazi novelist, A B Yehoshua, who called on President Bush to withdraw the US ambassador from Israel until what the Nazi sympathizers call "illegal outposts" are taken down. Yehoshua follows in the ignoble footsteps of Jean Giono. In other words, Yehoshua wants to drive Jews out of their homes. Just as Vichyites like Zoretti and Céline blamed Jews for the coming war, Yehoshua blames "Jewish settlers" in Judea & Samaria just for living where they are. But the champion in this race of human filth is david landau, editor of the pro-Arab Nazi HaArets daily, but born, raised and educated in Britain [surprise!!]. Landau goes down in crudeness and verbal filth to the level of Céline, the Judeophobic French novelist, a Vichyite of course. Landau asked US secretary of state, condoleezza rice [riso amaro] to have the US "rape" Israel in order to get Israel to surrender to Arab demands. He went on to say that it was his "wet dream" to see this "rape" take place. Here landau --like the French "right-wing" Vichyites-- wants the United States and/or the Arabs --it doesn't matter so much which-- to overrule Israel's democratic decision-making processes and suppress his domestic enemies. A B Yehoshua's position is much the same.

The Biblical book of Qohelet [Ecclesiastes] tells us that "there is nothing new under the sun." Indeed, today's Vichyites in Israel and elsewhere come out of a base and ignoble tradition.
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Coming: Peace follies, lies of the "peace process," propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron and elsewhere in the Land of Israel, etc.

The EuroThugs Strike Again

The European Union once again shows its hypocrisy towards Israel and Jews. In order to polish its own dirty conscience in regard to the Jews murdered in the Holocaust, many Europeans, including EU officials, are always on the lookout for something that they can blame Israel for, whether true or false, whether rightly or wrongly. The present EU foreign affairs commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, is one of those. She is especially motivated to smear Israel because she is an Austrian, that is, a compatriot, a countrywoman, of Hitler. Austrian diplomacy since WW2 has tried to pretend that they too were victims of the Nazis. But the Austrians are ethnically Germans and at least half of them were enthusiastic Nazis, welcoming the German troops sent into Austria [Oestreich] in 1938 in order to annex it to Hitler's Thousand Year Reich, the Third Reich or Dritten Reich. My informants, Jewish refugees from Vienna, tell me that the Austrians were worse Nazis than the Germans themselves. Now, Ferrero-Waldner seeks to besmirch Israel. It is just her own filthy conscience guiding her --and maybe a desire to see the Holocaust resume, this time by Arab hands. Here is a dispatch from Guysen Israel News of 1-21-2008, 13:38, translated from French:
The European Union accuses Israel of "collectively punishing the inhabitants of Gaza." The European commissioner of Foreign Relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, did not mince her words and called on Israel to renew its deliveries of fuel and reopen the crossing points of the Gaza Strip.
L'Union européenne accuse Israël de "punir collectivement les habitants de Gaza." La commissaire européenne aux Relations extérieures, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, n'a pas maché ses mots et a appelé à Israël à renouveler ses livraisons de carburant et à rouvrir les points de passages de la Bande de Gaza.
Several lies are circulating in regard to Israel-Gaza relations:
1- that Gaza is "Israeli-occupied territory." Israeli soldiers are not there and do not control life there. Gaza is controlled by fanatic Islamist movement, Hamas, which believes in worldwide jihad since it is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is much similar to the Nazis in its ideology. But it is franker than the Nazis were in their time. Article 7 of the Hamas charter clearly expresses a hope to exterminate the Jews. It quotes the medieval Muslim fable that at the End of Days, the Muslims will fight and kill the Jews. The Jews will hide behind rocks and trees. The rocks and trees will cry out: O Muslim, a Jew is hiding behind me. Come kill him.
Apparently, Hamas' Nazi character does not dissuade the EU and its member governments form dealing with it. Norway established direct, diplomatic relations with Hamas early last year. The UK intelligence agent, Alistair Crooke, was assigned by PM Tony Blair to collaborate with Hamas as far back as 2002, if not earlier. Many EU voices call for full, open collaboration with Hamas
2- Israel's cut off of fuel supplies caused lights to go out in Gaza. This is a lie. First of all, the generators in Gaza produced only about 25% of Gaza's consumption of electricity. The rest of the electricity used there has been coming from the Israeli and Egyptian electricity companies. The direct supply of electricity from Israel and Egypt was not cut off. Hamas shut down the generator itself and blamed Israel. It successfully pulled off a show for the worldwide audience, what with the candlelight procession with its similarity to Western peace demonstrations for peace and conscience, etc. The Western TV media that I have seen [BBC & France24] collaborated with Hamas' fraud, failing to point out that most of the electricity in Gaza was not cut off.

Anyhow, why should Israel supply fuel to those who are trying to murder Israelis? Who want to destroy Israel?

Here is the Jerusalem Post's editorial comment on the situation. Meryl Yourish gives some background exposing the Hamas/MSM fraud.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Peace Agreement Is Not Necessarily Peace

Here's another fraud of the "peace process." It is the notion, widely disseminated and advocated by Western politicians, diplomats, journalopropagandists, and other peacemongers, that an agreement --in particular one called a "peace agreement"-- means peace, represents peace, will lead to peace, and so on. Agreements and accords can just as easily lead to war, even peace accords can lead to war. So if President Bush Junior can bring about an "agreement" between Israel and the "palestinian authority," most likely by twisting craven Olmert's arm, that most likely will not mean peace or bring peace. It will simply be an agreement that can improve the strategic situation of the Arab enemies of Israel, especially if Israel gives up strategic territory, such as the north-south Judea-Samaria mountain ridge [גב ההר] for the sake of a "peace agreement." In that case, a "peace accord" will surely lead to more war, to more rockets falling on Israeli cities, and so on.

For example, look at the Munich Accord of October 1938. It was touted by British PM Neville Chamberlain as "peace in our time. . . peace with honor" With Czechoslovakia strategically weakened by having given up the mountainous Sudetenland, mainly populated by ethnic Germans who were Czech citizens, Hitler invaded and occupied the rump --the remainder-- of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939. Yet Britain and France did not much protest this invasion. It was not until Hitler's Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, in cooperation with the Communist USSR, that Britain and France decided formally thatHitler was an enemy. But they did little about it. The period between the invasion of Poland in 9-1939 and the invasion of France in June 1940, less than a year later, is called the Phoney War [la drole de guerre]. This is because little was done to fight the Nazis or get ready to fight them in that period. By the way, at that time, Communists in the parliaments of France and Britain were opposed to any measures of military defense by their countries. This contributed to the French defeat in 1940. Before we forget, Poland and France both had full diplomatic relations with Germany before they were attacked and invaded in 1939 and 1940 respectively.

Other falsehoods of the misnamed "peace process" are
1) the notion of a "palestinian people" which in fact never existed in history, and even now does not exist. Whereas the PLO charter [see Article I particularly], which supposedly guides the palestinian authority, claims that the "palestinian Arab people" is part of the Arab nation and Palestine is part of the Great Arab Fatherland [call it Homeland, if you don't want to acknowledge the Nazi nature of the PLO], the Hamas on the other hand, believes in the Islamic nation, al-Ummah al-Islamiyyah. In fact, neither the PLO/PA nor the Hamas and its satellites like Islamic Jihad are really interested in a "palestinian" state alongside Israel. They ultimately want a great Arab state --the PLO/PA-- or an great Islamic state ruled by a new caliph --Hamas.
2) the "peace process" is really leading towards peace and is meant to lead towards peace. Shmuel Trigano, quoted in an earlier post here, points out that what is really going on is more of a war process [processus de guerre]. See the earlier post of 15 December 2007.
3) a corollary of 2) is the falsehood of the trustworthy, scientific nature of the "peace process." By calling it a "process," the mindbenders are insinuating that the "peace process" somehow has the trustworthy inevitability of an industrial process or a technical process.
4) That there is an Israeli-Palestinian conflict which must be solved. However, the other Arab states are nearly all enemies of Israel as are many many Muslim states. Consider Pakistan and Malaysia. Both Pakistan and Malaysia oppress and persecute the non-Muslim minorities in those countries. Just in recent years the civil rights of non-Muslims in Malaysia, mostly Chinese and Indians [Hindus & Sikhs], have been further cut away and these people have been more and more subject to Muslim Shari`ah law with all that implies [dhimmi status].
5) While the Organization of the Islamic Conference and most of its member states openly avow their hostility to Israel, the EU and several of its member states individually and other Western states, give billions of dollars every year to the PA, supposedly to build up its economy. In fact, much of the money goes to corrupt leaders at or near the top or to finance terrorist operations, and/or to pay the PA "security services" [arafat created more than dozen of them, so none would get so strong as to be able to challenge his supremacy], and/or to pay for the PA schools that slander Jews every day and incite hatred for them [that is, us Jews] and pay for the PA electronic media that do the same, etc. So, objectively speaking, many Western states and the EU are also hostile to Israel, perhaps more hypocritically than the Arabs.

In view of the above, let's honestly admit that Shmuel Trigano is right. We are facing a war process, not a peace process.
- - - - - - - -
Coming: More on the falsehoods of the "peace process," peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, & the Land of Israel, Jewish history, etc.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush's Security Paramount --- Jews Not Allowed to Be Secure by Bush & Condi -- Thousands of Arabs under House Arrest to Protect Bush

UPDATED 1-10-2008 & 1-11-2008 & 1-12-2008 & 1-15-2008

Double standards and hypocrisy are long-standing commodities in international politics, even the US State Department engages in it. But hypocrisy reaches new heights in the falsely named Israel-Arab "peace process." Condoleeza Rice, US secretary of state, demands that Israel implement an anti-Jewish, racist policy of preventing Jews from building homes in Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland, conquered and usurped by Arabs, where Arabs/Muslims imposed racist-like, apartheid-like subjugation on Jews [= dhimma]. Arabs too join in this effort today, demanding that the USA, supposedly dedicated to human equality, forcefully impose racist restrictions on Jews. The irony of Rice's position --as a Black woman-- is obvious. However, she is not stating a personal position but rather that of the State Dept which has always been anti-Israel. Indeed, she seems to have taken on robotic qualities since becoming secretary of state.

Another act of US hypocrisy is that thousands of Arabs in Ramallah have been put under house arrest as a precautionary measure for the sake of Bush's security while he is in that town. Most of these people have done nothing specific against Bush nor have most of them threatened him. But they are under house arrest all the same. Contrast the harsh precautions taken for Bush's security with the Arab-American hostility to Israeli precautionary measures to protect the lives of Jews threatened by Arab terrorists coming from Ramallah and other places in Judea-Samaria. Rice [riso amaro] and other US government officials and press mouthpieces have often complained about Israeli checkposts, body inspections, closed roads, etc. in Judea-Samaria in order to intercept terrorists. But when it comes to Bush's security, everything goes, as we shall see below. Before we get to that, bear in mind that Jews traveling in those areas are also subject to security checks, checkposts, barriers, etc. Even going into a shopping mall in Jerusalem or on a visit to the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple requires a partial body check, passing through metal detectors, body checks, baggage and package checks, etc.

Now, what was done for Bush in Ramallah? I consider it especially important to bring this news to your attention since it apparently is not being reported in the American MSM, and seems NOT to be available on the Yedi`ot Ahronot site [ynet] in English, although I read it in Yedi`ot's Hebrew daily print edition. Roni Shaked, a veteran Yedi`ot journalist reports on Ramallah (1-10-2008; p 5):
Towards Bush's arrival in Ramallah, the Muqata`ah [government compound] in Ramallah has turned into a fortified target under American command. The streets around it for a radius of about two kilometers have been closed to traffic by vehicles and pedestrians. The residents living in the closed area have received the order not to leave their homes starting from last night until the afternoon today. They have been forbiddent to go up on the roofs or even to stand near the windows in their private homes. Owners of businesses have been requested to close their stores and all workers in the Palestinian government ministries located in the area have been requested not to come to work today.
Shaked also relays a statement by `Adnan Damiri, PA police spokesman, that 4,000 policemen and security men will also guard Bush's visit. Since many PA police are part-time terrorists, having murdered at least three Israelis since Annapolis, one wonders if they will be armed. Nevertheless, there was another report that additional, specifically American-controlled security measures have been taken in Ramallah. According to this report --which came out Wednesday afternoon but which I cannot now find in English on the Net, so far-- the residents of upper floors of buildings near the Muqata`ah were told to evacuate their apartments. Their places were supposed to be taken by American sharpshooters who were also supposed to be stationed on the roofs. This fills out, elaborates on and explains the statement by Shaked above that the security precautions around the Muqata`ah are "under American command." Eitan Livneh gave a little info in this vein in the paper Yisrael HaYom [1-8-2008; Tuesday; p 6]:
Palestinian security sources spoke yesterday [1-7-2008] about "a sort of curfew" that might be imposed on the area of the Muqata`ah. Together with American security men, the Palestinian Authority is set up for a gigantic protective operation, in which about 4,000 Palestinian security men will take part.
In recent days, heavy [construction] vehicles have dug up in the Muqata`ah compound in order to make sure that there are no [buried] bombs or unexploded rockets/mortars/shells there. The Americans too are set up for the visit, their helicopters have already been flying in the skies over the [West] Bank since yesterday and have landed in Ramallah.
Seems everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. And Bush's security certainly counts for a lot more than that of the ordinary Jew in Israel or anywhere for that matter. For the record, many streets in Jerusalem have been closed to vehicular traffic, greatly inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of Israelis, although I think that the ban on pedestrians has been limited to very small areas. Let me know if I am mistaken. Remember how the fake "human rights" agencies --Amnesty, "human rights watch," B'tselem, etc.-- moan and groan over Israeli checkposts, etc? But nothing is too good for Bush. This too tells us that the "peace process" has nothing to do with peace for Jews but only peace of mind for antisemites. Those Arabs called "palestinians" cannot be trusted to receive the US president peacefully. But somehow, we are told, they are ready to live in peace with Jews.

Here too we have further proof that the "peace process" is a fake. Further, consider what all the above implies about the relationship of the "palestinian authority" to the US govt. The PA is quite ready to restrict the freedom of thousands of its own people for Bush's sake. The PA is allowing US forces to operate in its zones of authority. It is obviously following American official directives. But it seems that the US Govt cannot get the same PA, so servile when it comes to an American president's security, to control the terrorist anti-Jewish inclinations of its own "security" forces and police. Nor is there any visible effort by the US Govt to have the PA stop its TV and radio broadcasts demeaning Jews --[such as, "Jews are descended from apes and pigs"]-- and inciting violence against Jews. Likewise for the Judeophobic school curriculum in the PA schools. Only a fool could possibly think the PA wants real peace with Israel --I said PA, not even considering the Hamas, which is simply less hypocritical. So Bush's "peace efforts" are not to be praised but condemned.

UPDATED 1-10-2008: Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post report mentions the curfew: "at least half of Ramallah under curfew during Bush's visit." But the American security presence is mentioned only in a quote from a resident: "Our city is controlled by American security forces and no one is happy about this." The Post report linked to a few lines above has a few more details, such as that the PA "policemen" will bear weapons but without ammunition.
UPDATING 1-11-2008: It is confirmed that Arabs were taken out of their homes for Bush's safety: "The Muqata`ah, where the meeting between the leaders took place, was declared a sterile area, all the streets around the Muqata`ah were closed, and residents were even evacuated from their homes in several areas" [Asaf Gabor in Maqor Rishon 1-11-2008].
HaArets had a few details in its report confirming other reports, although the fact that Arab people were evacuated from their homes was left out.
UPDATING 1-12-2008: I am informed by Jews who live in the Binyamin region [in early Israelite times, the estate of the Tribe of Benjamin], close to Ramallah, that Jews in that area were forbidden to leave their villages or settlements while Bush was in and near Ramallah. For instance, the gates of Adam --east of Pisgat Ze'ev and Hizma were locked while Bush was in the area.
UPDATING 1-15-2008 Caroline Glick describes the situation in Jerusalem during Bush's visit as "virtual martial law" imposed by the Olmert regime on the Jewish people.
- - - - - - - - - -
Coming: More on falsehoods of the fake "peace process," peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, etc.

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