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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Philippe Karsenty Acquitted by French Appeals Court of Having Slandered News Faker Charles Enderlin for the al-Durah Hoax

UPDATED - LINKS ADDED & new link and commentary added on 6-4-2008

Today, 21 May 2008, a small piece of justice was done. Late, but better late than never. Philippe Karsenty, who runs a media rating and review web site [Media Ratings], called for Charles Enderlin to resign or be dismissed from France2 TV [a state TV broadcaster] for having endorsed and broadcast the filmed hoax of little Muhammad al-Durah allegedly being deliberately shot to death by Israeli troops in Gaza. Viewing some 20 minutes of the film taken that day by Enderlin's Arab cameraman as well as film by other cameramen taken at the same time and place, shows that young al-Durah was highly unlikely to have been killed at that time and place, let alone killed by Israeli soldiers guarding the Jewish civilian settlement of Netsarim in the Gaza Strip.

After Karsenty called for his resignation or dismissal, Enderlin and Arlette Chabot, his superior at France2, sued him for insulting, libelling, defaming a public official, since Enderlin works for France2, a state agency. Today Karsenty was acquitted. Here is material on the acquittal and the case in general.

Mena News Agency -- Stephane Juffa
14:30 à Paris, mercredi 21 mai.

La présidente de la Cour d’Appel de Paris, Madame Laurence Trébucq, a prononcé, il y a quelques minutes, la relaxe de Philippe Karsenty, qui avait été condamné en première instance pour diffamation à l’encontre de Charles Enderlin et de la chaîne publique de télévision française, Fr2.

Lors d’une audience qui aura duré moins de deux minutes, la présidente n’a pas explicité sa décision.

A en croire des confidences d’avocat, le tribunal aurait jugé qu’en considération des éléments existants, le débat sur l’authenticité du reportage de France2 était légitime et que le fait d’accuser la chaîne et son correspondant de mise en scène n’était pas diffamatoire.

On ignore, au moment de diffuser, si FR2 et Charles Enderlin vont se pourvoir en cassation.

Une petite dizaine de journalistes assistaient à l’audience, dont des confrères israéliens ainsi qu’un représentant de l’AFP.
Wednesday 21 May [13:14:00 BST]
[for more from Juffa and the Mena web site, in both French and English, hit the first link above. Also see the seconddraft website and the Media Ratings sites, both linked to from the blog roll on the right side of the Emet m'Tsiyon blog roll.

Bear in mind that the al-Durah blood libel was the pretext for massive anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and even anti-Western violence and mass murder over the past seven and a half years.
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More links on the al-Durah case:
the French daily Liberation, Augean Stables, Camera #1. Camera #2. The Camera #2 link provides useful notices about the important personalities in the al-Durah/France2 Affair. Prof Richard Landes of the Augean Stables blog is also the director of the Seconddraft website which displays much more footage about events at the Netsarim intersection in Gaza than were presented by France2's original hate-inciting broadcast. The site presents additional footage by Talal Abu Rahma, the cameraman for France2 [and its Jerusalem correspondent, Charles Enderlin], as well as unedited film by other cameramen on the scene at the same time.

In an article in the WSJ, Nidra Poller, an American author living in Paris, summarizes the court decision and the meaning of the case for journalism in the 21st century.
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UPDATING 6-4-2008
A rather good Wall Street Journal editorial of 5-27-2008, shows that even those with good intentions get taken in by the al-Durah myth. The Journal writes that:
The iconic image of the terrified child crouching behind his father helped sway world opinion against the Jewish state and fueled the last Intifada.
If we actually look at the film we see that the boy is crouching in front of his father. The father is next to the wall. The boy is more exposed than the father is to shooting coming from anywhere on a 180 degree arc [that is, within a semi-circle] based on the outermost point of the barrel and on a vertical plane parallel to the wall. This mistake by even a fair-minded observer shows how the myth created by Gaza Arab cameraman Talal Abu Rahma, by France2 correspondent Charles Enderlin, and by countless Islamic jihadist and pro-Arab Western propagandists ["journalists"] has the power to cause the highly visible empirical fact that the boy crouches in front of his father to be overlooked in the general gestalt view that the saintly father was trying to protect his martyred son. If anything, the boy is shielding his father. Here we have more testimony to the power of suggestion in a situation of ongoing indoctrination and emotion.
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Coming: the anti-Jewish racism of the "peace process," more on Zionist activists and other Jews in the Armenian genocide, etc.

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