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Emet m'Tsiyon

Monday, April 14, 2008

Condoleezza Rice Embraces Anti-Israel Terrorists -- Her Friends in Kossovo Traffic in Human Body Parts

UPDATE 4-22 & 4-23-2008 &12-12-2010 & 1-1-2011at bottom

We have long known that Condoleezza Rice [riso amaro] is partial to Arab terrorists who believe that they have the right to murder Jews. We don't know whether Condi goes so far as to share that attitude. But she has spoken in a favorable way in the past about both Fatah & Hamas. Meanwhile, we also know that Condi and the State Department, even before she became secretary of state, favored the ethnic Albanian terrorists in Kossovo. Support for the breakup of Yugoslavia and for the several ethnic groups there hostile to Serbs appeared as early as the first Bush administration, in the days of Daddy Bush. Recently, George Junior's State Dept, led by Condi, has been promoting Kossovo independence, although it has been known that scores of thousands of ethnic Serbs were "ethnically cleansed" from there since the 1999 war, not to mention Serbs driven out of Kossovo starting in the 1970s when the area was under ethnic Albanian government within the Yugoslav framework.

Now it turns out that Condi's friends in Kossovo were trafficking in human body parts. This is the accusation of Carla del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor of the Hague court on crimes in the former Yugoslavia.
Kosovo Albanian leaders have been implicated in the war-time trafficking of organs taken from hundreds of Serbs, according to a book by former UN war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

The book entitled "The Hunt: Me and War Criminals" alleges those involved in the trafficking included leaders of the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which fought Serbian forces at the time in mid-1999.

Del Ponte wrote that around 300 prisoners, including women and other Slavs, were kidnapped and transported from Kosovo to Albania, where they were locked up and had their organs removed.

"These organs were then sent from Tirana airport to private clinics to be implanted in patients abroad who paid," she said in the book, available in Italy under the title "La Caccia: Io e i criminali di guerra." [Agence France-Presse, France24 (French counterpart of the BBC), 14 April 2008]
Condi's friends now running the Kossovo govt were kidnapping live people, mainly Serbs, to use their organs in trade in order to make money.

See commentary here.
For condoleezza rice's pro-Hamas sympathies, see here. It's true that rice has recently criticized jimmy carter for meeting the top Hamas leaders in Damascus against official US Govt policy. But it is clear that she herself --and most likely the State Dept as an institution-- wants to bring Hamas into "talks" with Israel, thereby diminishing Israel by placing it on the level of a Nazi-like, outlaw body that wants to commit genocide against Jews [see Article 7 of Hamas charter].
Tony Blair too has his pro-Hamas sentiments. See here and here.
For more on Kossovo on the Emet m'Tsiyon blog, see here.

UPDATE 4-22 & 23-2008 More about Kossovo atrocities and UN coverup.
The BBC website in English mentions Carla del Ponte's charge of organ trafficking very briefly towards the end of an article devoted to the appointment of a new chief prosecutor for the Hague Tribunal and his meetings with Serbian officials. The very important body parts story is NOT the subject of an article in its own right. Thus, the BBC wanted to minimize what is a very sensational story.
Where are Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch on this story? Isn't this a human rights matter?? Suppose that there were some way to connect an Israeli, any Israeli or any Jew, to a similar story. Would the BBC or Amnesty or HRW show any restraint or hesitation whatsoever in featuring it prominently in their broadcasts, on their website, or in their press releases???
Julia Gorin wrote up the story for Huffington Post and here.
UPDATING 12-16-2010 Hashim Thaci, prime minister of the new, democratic Albanian Kossovo, is accused of being head of a gang of organ thieves, confirming Carla del Ponte's book of 20o8.
1-1-2011 More on Hashim Thaci. A Serbian official accused him of depositing money made in the body parts trade in the accounts of Muslim charities [here].
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Coming: Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, and the Land of Israel, propaganda, peace follies, etc.

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