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Monday, July 07, 2008

An Obama Presidency --- A Fourth Term for the Bushes

On the whole, jimmy carter probably did more harm to the world in his four long years of sado-masochistic diplomacy and foreign policy than the Bushes did in their 12 years of three presidential terms. Jimmy of course had the benefit of Zbigniew Brzezinski's loyal and proficient assistance in preparing the ground for future wars worse than the Bushes' two wars in Iraq. One of Zbig's hideous creations, the Khomeini regime in Iran, now led by Ahmadinejad, is working towards building a nuclear bomb. And they will probably be allowed by the West to obtain such a bomb, although the very thought of these mad mullahs armed with the Bomb is terrifying, and although some European leaders, such as French president Sarkozy, seem to realize the danger that the Bomb in the hands of the mad mullahs represents for them too.

Now, this issue and many other foreign policy issues should enter into one's reckonings about the 2008 presidential election campaign. George Bush II has done little concrete to stop the mullahs from getting the Bomb, although Bush's empty rhetoric seems to have led many "leftists" to seriously imagine that Bush is hostile to Ahmadinejad's Iran and that A-Jad's Iran is somehow opposed to "American imperialism," even a serious challenge to it. These morons --or if not morons, then half-baked, anti-empirical, non-rational intellects-- forget that an American president's national insecurity advisor [Zbig] supplied vital help to Khomeini, A-jad's mentor, in his takeover of Iran in 1979. Furthermore, the very Establishment Columbia University, well-connected in Washington [indeed Zbig was a professor there (also see here)], invited A-jad to speak on campus when he came to the UN in New York to add his raucously vociferous Judeophobia to the already fanatically Judeophobic tone of many speakers in UN General Assembly debate. Now, does the invitation to speak at Columbia indicate a rift or opposition between A-jad and the US foreign policy Establishment??

Getting back to the presidential election, Zbig seems to be on the way back, at least if Obama is elected president [see here & here & here]. Zbig is Obama's chief foreign policy advisor. He is soft on A-jad's Iran as he was on Khomeini's Iran. And he is also soft on Iran's ally, Syria, and the ruling Assad gang of murderers. Zbig visited Damascus this past February --apparently on a mission representing his new nominal master, obama. Just coincidentally, the top Hizbullah terrorist, Imad Mughniyyah --responsible for the slaughter of some 250 US marines in Beirut in 1983-- was killed in a car bombing in Damascus while Zbig was there. Mughniyyah had been the Assads' honored and protected guest there for years. Neither Zbig nor Obama, it seems, was troubled by the fact that Assad Junior's minions had assassinated --or tried to- about a dozen anti-Syrian politicians and journalists in Lebanon since late 2004, after the UN Security Council's resolution 1559, which may be considered "anti-Syrian." So much for Zbig and Obama. But guess what. Bush's man JamesBaker is pro-Assad too. He issued the so-called Baker-Hamilton Report a few years ago which called for coming to terms with the Assad Company's Syrian holdings [and Lebanese speculations] while intensifying pressure on Israel to satisfy the demands of Arab mass murderers in Fatah and Hamas.

So Zbig and Jimmy and Obama like the Assad firm's ownership in Syria [to be restored in Lebanon] and Bush II likes the Assads' Syria too as do Condi and Jim Baker. And John McCain once said that he admires Baker. And Obama himself said that he wanted a personal dialogue with A-jad and other Iranian Nazi leaders. Now, as to Obama's real policy on Iraq, at the start of his campaign, one of his foreign policy advisors was a gal named Samantha Power. She was fired from the campaign for being too frank besides for insulting Hilary. Miss Power let the cat out of the bag. On a European tour, she said that Obama as president would not keep his campaign promise to immediately withdraw American troops from Iraq. He would first call a council of advisors and experts in foreign policy and consider whether withdrawal was the appropriate policy at the time. So Obama's Iraq policy too might be much like Bush's, in addition to his Iran policy and his Syria policy and his anti-Israel policy [Zbig and jimbaker are both notorious Israelophobes, and obama's friendship with Syrian Tony Rezko and American-born Arab Rashid Khalidi will become more notorious as time goes on].

This leads us to the question of "Bush's third term." The issue really ought to be The Bushes' fourth term, since George Bush I only had one term, thankfully. Anyway, our conclusion is that either obama or McCain could be The Bushes' fourth term. Note that neither Obama nor Hilary nor McCain has seriously criticized or condemned Bush II's anti-Israel policy. But all in all, given that Zbig is supposed to come back into serving the cause of national insecurity for a possible president Obama, I have to say that obama could be Bush's toxicity doubled or tripled or quadrupled.
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Here is another issue/slogan relevant to anti-Israel policy in certain Western countries. One of the ugly claims made by Israel's enemies is linkage, in other words, all Middle Eastern problems are because of Israel. In some extra-fanatic versions, this becomes all world political problems. Prominent Euro/Arab politicians, enamored with the Arabs and pan-Arabism, such as Tony Blair, share this mad notion. On this issue of Linkage see, Lee Smith's view.

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Coming: Jews caught up in the Armenian genocide, Jews in Hebron, Jerusalem and the Land of Israel, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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