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Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's Senior Advisors, Zbig & Scowcroft, Smell Jewish Blood

Israel's weak international standing, partly because of Western and Arab-Muslim Judeophobia, partly because of Israel's own weak leadership, especially since Sharon's "conversion" to the "peace now" creed, have led the enemies of Israel and the Jews to think that now is the time to administer a death blow to Israel. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft, old foreign policy paladins, zombies in the netherworld between life and death, smelled Jewish blood and returned to earth. Having taken a vacation from their tombs, these undead creatures now advise the president-elect of Change, Youth, the New, Purity and Innocence on how to bring death to Israel. They used one of the usual channels of the Old Politics --the Washington Post (also see JTA report)-- to advise Obama. Now is the time to make "peace" between Israel and "palestinians" and thereby solve all Middle East problems [the linkage lie]:
We believe that the Arab-Israeli peace process is one issue that requires priority attention [over all others]
Because they now smell Jewish blood!
. . . in many ways the current situation is such that the opportunity for success has never been greater, or the costs of failure more severe.
Shmuel Rosner rightly sneers at the fraud perpetrated by zbig & scowler, starting off by summarizing their claims:
Israeli-Palestinian peace is important, it can make Arab governments more cooperative, we already know the parameters in which to solve it, etc. (Scowcroft and Brzezinski include the laughable idea that an international peacekeeping force should be the one responsible for preventing terror attacks from Palestinian territory. These guys, apparently, have never heard of Hezbollah and Lebanon.)
Referring to zbig-scowler's claim quoted above: ". . . the opportunity for success has never been greater. . . " Rosner responds:
Oh, really? How so?

The authors do not provide any proof from which to conclude that now, more than ever (to coin a phrase), success stands so close that the American government can simply reach out and grab it. How soon they forget! Bill Clinton went to Camp David thinking exactly the same. Condi Rice, similarly misguided, dragged dozens of leaders to Annapolis.

"Never been greater"? Why? Because Hamas controls Gaza and Abbas's Palestinian Authority can barely claim to represent a fraction of the Palestinian people? Or maybe because Iran is on the rise and is funding Palestinian terrorists? Or is it because Hezbollah has proved, in the past two years, that international monitoring is a bad joke? Or because both Israel and the Palestinians are undergoing severe leadership crises?
Lest anyone conclude that zbig & scowler are decent folk, sincere peacemongers perhaps tragically misunderstood, he may read our earlier post: on Zbig, "Barack Obama's Evil Genius," Part 1, and on Scowler, see this JTA report.
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Coming: More on Obama's lies about the economy, Part II of "Barak Obama's Evil Genius," propaganda analysis, psychological warfare, etc.

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