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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The West, Especially Britain, More Dangerous to Israel than the Arabs

UDATING 12-19-2008 on Red Cross [ICRC] access to Gilad Shalit

The West has a history of nearly 2000 years of vilifying, defaming, and falsely accusing Jews, as well as persecuting them. Christian Judeophobia and anti-Judaism based on religion was joined by "post-Christian" Judeophobia in the writings of Kant, Fichte, Hegel, Voltaire, d'Holbach and others. Most of the "post-Christian" Judeophobia actually had roots in the teachings of the Christian reformer, Martin Luther. Be that as it may, Judeophobia in word and practice culminated in the Holocaust. Has this Judeophobia ended? Or has it changed form? Has it just changed its dress? Is today's fashionable "anti-Zionism" just old wine in new bottles?
[בעברית : אותה הגברת באדרת אחרת ]

Next question. What does the West want in the Middle East? Does it want peace between Israel and the Arabs? Does it want peace without Israel, that is, peace of mind for antisemites? Does it want war?

If the West wants peace between Israel and the Arabs, then why does it finance the PLO/Palestinian Authority? The European Union gives the PA about 480 million euros per year. This is in addition to large sums given by the United States, Japan and wealthy Arab states. The PA makes constant Judeophobic propaganda on its radio, TV, press, in its schools and mosques and "universities." Where is there any PA desire to make peace? Yet the EU and other Western entities continue to fund the PA. Note, despite the huge expenses incurred by Israel's health system because of mass murderous terrorist attacks, whereas the EU was financing the PA since its inception in mid-1994, and whereas the PA under Arafat was funding terrorism [see for example the court decisions in the trial of Marwan Barghouti] , the EU has never offered to compensate the great expenses to Israel's health system which their proteges, the PA, forced upon Israel.

The EU --particularly the UK-- provide the PLO/PA and its Hamas rival with
1- diplomatic support, including in the UN and other international organizations. The EU allows the UN to continue to exist despite its harmful effect on the cause of world peace generally. The UN "Human Rights" Council in particular is a threat to peace as well as to truth in the international atmosphere.
2- propaganda support/psywar support which is provided both through the media and through "reports" and activities of so-called, ostensibly humane, "non-governmental organizations." Yet most of these NGOs are actually funded by Western governments [see the NGO Monitor site, inter alia]. Western media agencies like the BBC are notorious for pro-Arab, pro-PLO and pro-Hamas propaganda. The BBC is a UK government agency.
3- sales of weapons and military training and expertise, also given to the PA forces.

The West as a whole talks a lot about "international law." So do Western agencies and media, especially the notorious NGOs. Yet a fundamental part of the international law of war is that prisoners be available for visits by the International Red Cross to ascertain their condition. But Hamas has been holding an Israeli prisoner, Gilad Shalit, for more than 2 years [if he is still alive] without any visits by the Red Cross [specifically by the International Committee of the Red Cross, an agency of Switzerland, a supposedly neutral country]. I am not aware that the Red Cross [ICRC] has even asked for such visits. Yet the Red Cross [ICRC] continues to provide services to Gaza, eventhough a country or government [such as Hamas in this case] openly violates international law concerning prisoners of war. This violation of international law means that the ICRC should cut off aid and ties with the Hamas govt and the territory that it controls. But that has not happened on the ostensible grounds of humanitarianism. Meanwhile, the Hamas' game in regard to Shalit seems to be the same ghoulish Muslim jihadist ploy of bargaining with body parts that the Hizbullah previously engaged in. The Red Cross should have cut off ties to Gaza, Hamastan, long ago. Of course, during the Holocaust the same Red Cross [ICRC] refused in principle to help Jews, saying that helping Jews was not part of its mandate, not part of international law, etc. But Arabs have more rights than Jews, so it seems.

Other Western entities, especially the UK and Norway, deal with the Hamas and want to expand their dealings with it, despite [perhaps because of] its charter which is Nazi-like in many ways [see the genocidal medieval Muslim fable quoted in part in Article 7]. Part of the problem of EU bias is described in Bat Ye'or's book, Eurabia.

Within the EU constellation, it seems that Britain is the most consistently and dangerously hostile to Israel. For one thing, it appears that it was British psywar experts who invented the destructive "palestinian people" notion.

Here are links describing some of the UK's dirty anti-Israel machinations.

British foreign minister Miliband revealed the ugly face of Her Majesty's diplomacy on his recent trip to Israel.

Tony Blair's liaison with the terrorists, Alistair Crooke, spells out his deceitful hatred of Jews and Israel. Crooke was assigned by Blair as far back as 2002 to make contact with Hamas and try to bring these IslamoNazis into the "peace process."

London Times joins in with bbc in smearing Jews.

Melanie Philips on British Foreign Office misinterpreting international law concerning Judea-Samaria and settlements. British FO wants EU to boycott settlements.

UPDATING 12-16-2008
Melanie Philips with two astounding reports about official, governmental conduct:
1) How the BBC Arabic service incites Arabs against Jews
2) The London Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard] employs Muslim jihadists/terrorists, ostensibly to "fight terrorism."
It is indeed a sign of the sincerity of the British powers-that-be in favoring Muslim terrorism that they even endanger their own population, overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxons & Celts!!
- - - - - - - - -END UPDATE- - - - - -

The EU arrogantly demands that Israel implement a racist policy against Jews by forbidding Jews to "expand" "settlements" in Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. The following brief report in French reports the EU demand, although it fails to mention the central British role in pushing for this policy. The EU seems to want to put Jews back in a ghetto which was how Jews lived in Western Europe more than 200 years ago. These hypocritical Euro Judeophobes claim that "settlement expansion" --which could mean no more than building new homes for people who grew up in the settlement as children and have now gotten married and want to live where they grew up and be close to their parents-- is "harmful to peace efforts." This is old wine in new bottles. The old Euro Judeophobia which wanted to keep Jews in ghettoes in European towns and cities is now extended to the Jewish homeland where the Judeophobes, both Arabs and Europeans, want to keep Jews out of Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. The pretext for the new Judeophobia is "international law" and "peace" and rights for Arabs, not Jews, although Arabs too kept Jews in ghettoes and segregated quarters, as in Jerusalem and Damascus.
''Il faut arrêter l'expansion des implantations dans les territoires,'' ont déclaré les représentants de l'Union européenne à Tsippi Livni, Ministre des affaires étrangères . Les parlementaires ont précisé que cette expansion nuisait aux efforts de paix. La Ministre est actuellement à Bruxelles pour négocier un rapprochement économique et politique entre Israël et l'Union européenne.
(Guysen.International.News / 2008-12-02 13:41:00 ISRAEL)
Of course the EU won't admit that by encouraging and supporting Arab anti-Jewish bigotry they are encouraging war by Arabs against Israel. Here's a report on a confidential EU document that outlines plan for political war on Israel in support of Arab Nazis.

NGO Monitor explains what kind of "NGO"s get EU funding in the EuroNazi project to murder Jews through the instrumentality of the Arabs. That is so that the EuroPhoneys can keep their hands clean so to speak. Let the Arabs do the dirty work --which they enjoy anyhow-- and the Euros can stand off at the side and pretend to sympathize with the poor, downtrodden Arabs [like the king of Saudi Arabia & the Sheik of Kuwait, etc] & the poor "palestinians" oppressed by those mean Jews who want to repeat the crucifixion of Jesus by crucifying, symbolically in the "news"/passion plays of the bbc and other Euro public opinion-molding agencies, the modern collective Jesus [that is, the "palestinians," a people that never existed in history but was invented by Western psywar experts for the psywar struggle against Israel]. Note that the NGOs, so-called "non-governmental organizations," get large amounts of funding precisely from governments.

German firms hungry for money disregard "sanctions" on Nazi Iran. Big surprise!!

UN envoy to Middle East makes vicious, inhuman and dehumanizing attack on Jews in Hebron.

The EU loves other Arab Nazis too, that is the Syrian regime which is ruled by the Baath Party, originally modelled on the German Nazi Party. The Washington crowd, including Obama's gang, likes the Damascus fascists too. See link:
Israel govt asks EU not to reward Syria with relations upgrade.

US and UK fund Arab propaganda efforts and train Arab propagandists.
- - - - - - - -
UPDATING 12-19-2008
A reader notifed us that the ICRC has requested access to Gilad Shalit from his captors, the Hamas IslamoNazi organization currently ruling the Gaza Strip.
We have repeatedly reminded those holding him of their legal obligations, calling on them both publicly and through our direct contacts to treat him humanely.
The ICRC has repeatedly asked to be allowed to visit Gilad Shalit and to convey family messages to him. [ICRC website 12-10-2008]
The question is how to deal with a political, state-like entity that rejects international law in practice and in principle. Since Hamas openly proclaims its commitment to jihad, Islamic holy war, which is obviously opposed to international law, as well as its commitment to shari`ah, Muslim law in general, which rejects the principle of human rights, and since the majority of the voters in the last election in Gaza supported Hamas, then what humanitarian obligations does the rest of the world have toward the Hamas-ruled Gaza entity? Doesn't international law mandate the Red Cross to cut off support to such entities? Wouldn't the refusal of Gaza's rulers to allow ICRC access to Shalit be enough to justify cutting off all humanitarian activities in behalf of the Gaza population?? Now, the Israeli govt has not made any such argument or demand. As far as I know the olmert-barak-livni gang of clowns has not publicly denounced Hamas for this serious violation of basic international law. Nor have they demanded that foreign states and organizations providing aid to Gaza cease such activities until Hamas demonstrates minimal compliance with this very basic rule of international law [that is, access to prisoners by the ICRC].
- - - - - - - -

Coming: More on Zbig's schemes, Obama's dishonesty, the "Left's" lies, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, archeology, propaganda analysis, peace follies, etc.

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  • Re the ICRC, it has and still is trying to visit Shalit as clearly shown on the ICRC website. You have the right to be angry with the West but you should not mix politics and neutral humanitarian work such as the one conducted by the ICRC.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:44 PM  

  • "Part of the problem of EU bias is described in Bat Ye'or's book, Eurabia." (Eliyahu m'Tsiyon)

    Be carefull with this source.

    By Anonymous Nicolas Krebs, at 1:03 AM  

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