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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

EU to Remove Ban on Iranian Nuke Officials Coming to EU Lands

Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign affairs commissioner, is going to lift the ban forbidding the Iranian foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, to travel in EU territory. The ban was imposed on him because he was previously head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency which is working to produce a nuclear bomb, thereby violating Iran's commitment not to make a nuke bomb, a commitment undertaken by Iran when it signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty back in the 1960s. Salehi was declared "persona non grata" in the EU because of his role in Iran's nuke Bomb Project. Now the British Lady [Lady Ashton is supposed to be a lady] is overlooking Iran's treaty violation, thereby encouraging Iran's nuke Bomb Project.

Lady Ashton intends to remove the ban on Salehi so that he can properly carry out his new functions.

Funny, isn't it, that "extreme leftist revolutionaries" defend the Iranian Bomb Project, and high officials of the EU do so as well?? Leading EU states plus the USA played games for years with Iran over the nuke project, setting several new deadlines in order to cater to Iran after Iran had failed to meet previous deadlines. Lately, Muhammad al-Barada`i, who covered up for Iran's bomb project as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency in the fateful years of Iranian nuclear development, has been touted as a suitable leader for a new "democratic" Egypt by the Obama White House and the State Department. Islamic fanatics in the Hizbullah and other terrorist organizations also defend and support the Iranian Bomb Project. Maybe the EU and the "Left" and the jihadists all think that an Iranian bomb is just what the world needs in the 21st century. With that kind of broad agreement coming from almost everybody, maybe the world is heading towards peace!

Here is the report on this news from Guysen News, 2-9-2011.
L'Union européenne devrait lever les restrictions interdisant au ministre iranien des Affaires étrangères, Ali Akbar Salehi, de voyager dans les pays européens, à cause de sa participation dans le programme nucléaire iranien. M. Salehi occupait comme précédent poste la direction de l'Agence iranienne de l'énergie atomique, et avait été de ce fait déclaré persona non grata en Europe. La chef de la diplomatie de l'UE, Catherine Ashton, compte changer la donne afin de permettre à M. Salehi de remplir comme il se doit ses nouvelles fonctions. [ici 2-9-2011, Guysen News 11:10]

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