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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Lie of the "Free Gaza" Flotilla -- Gaza Gets Tons of Food Everyday

UPDATING 6-30-2011 see bottom

Anti-Zionism is the anti-imperialism of fools

Here is a video showing Gaza's well-stocked open air food markets and shopping centers. Cellular phones and autos abound. The bourgeois [petit-bourgeois if you like] lifestyle is alive and well in the Gaza Strip.

The yearly billions in foreign aid that the Strip receives do a lot to promote consumption. The Gaza standard of living is on average notably higher than in the typical Egyptian village. Can you find poor people in Gaza? Probably. You can also find them in London, Paris and New York. Why not compare the number of homeless people sleeping on the streets in New York or Paris with the proportionately comparative number in Gaza. Probably fewer homeless in Gaza. On the other hand, I stayed on the Boulevard Richard LeNoir in Paris a few years ago. In the middle of this broad boulevard is a wide pedestrian island-cum-public park. Once a week or more often, a soup kitchen was set up in this park for the homeless and other poor folk. Those succoring the poor were giving out a kind of thick, congealed green substance that may have wanted to be pea soup. In any case, it must have been edible because a hundred or more people lined up for the food every time it was given out. As far as I know, Gaza does not have that.
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Here is a video [here]
Who is behind the current "Free Gaza Flotilla"? They're not a darling little group of sweet, innocuous pacifists. The main organizers are Muslim Brotherhood personalities, assisted by the US-based pro-Arab group, the ISM [international solidarity movement] [see here].
Daled Amos on the real purpose of the "free gaza flotilla." Quotes Adam Shapiro of the ISM (for solidarity with Nazis) [here]
Elder of Ziyyon on why the Dutch journalists, who wanted to embed with the "freedom flotilla", have quit (Elder presents a google translation of a Dutch press article) [here]. One of the journalists who quit was of Muslim origin herself [Hasna Maroudi]. Fund-raiser for the Dutch "freedom flotilla" boat was the Dutch rep of Hamas --Amin Abou Rashed-- who cooperated with other Muslim Brotherhood figures, and is seen in a photo with the notorious Muslim hate preacher on al-Jazeera, Yusuf al-Qaradhawi [their photo together in the original article here]. Al-Qaradhawi came back to Egypt for the first time in years after Mubarak's overthrow, thanks in part to Obama's support for bringing the anti-democratic Muslim Brotherhood into a future "democratic govt" of Egypt. Bear in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood rejects democracy and human rights in principle.
CAMERA refers to the Dutch journalist story and links to a professional translation of an article in Trouw [here][thanx to NGO Monitor]
NGO Monitor argues that the "freedom flotilla" will not bring peace. Of course not, guys, it's not supposed to bring to bring peace. Peace is not its purpose [here].
NGO Monitor has a translation from the Dutch De Telegraaf online news site [here] & from Trouw [here also linked to indirectly above through CAMERA]

Can you ever satisfy the Arabs and their friends? A Euro-funded, pro-Arab [pro-Fatah & Hamas] group called Gisha complains that Gaza's problem is not the inability to bring in food but the ability to export food and other goods [here].
Here is a video [here] showing a line of big trucks bringing supplies into Gaza through the crossing from Israel at Kerem Shalom near the Egyptian border with Israel and Gaza. The initials A.R.E. on some large boxes of refrigerators stand for Arab Republic of Egypt. That is, Gaza is importing refrigerators from Egypt. Remember that on the whole, Gazans have a higher standard of living than the average Egyptian.
6-4-2011 Belgian flotilla contingent going home due to disappointment with flotilla leadership & other reasons [here in Flemish]. This after Dutch journalists left because of humiliating treatment at hands of flotilla, as well as finding out that a Hamas operative was the flotilla's chief organizer. Dutch-Moroccan pro-flotilla militant changes her position and leaves Athens for Holland [here in Dutch]
New city to be built in Gaza [here, in Arabic, use google translator]
Melanie Philips quotes a flotilla leader [of ISM] who admits that the purpose of the flotilla is not humanitarian but political, aiming to open up Gaza port to any cargo that Hamas wants to bring in. That implies that the ISM and the "gaza freedom flotilla" are meant to enable Hamas bring in heavy weapons without any interference. Iran has already sent ships to bring heavy weapons to Gaza.[here too].
Tom Gross shows us pix of fun on the beach at Gaza [here]. The Flotilloonies might enjoy dipping their feet into the sea on the Gaza beach.
Alice Walker promises to deliver LOVE to Gaza, and explains that she is going there because she loves children & trees, etc. [video here] [NOTE: She does not love Israeli children in southern Israel who live at the mercy of Hamas rockets].

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The West's Proxy War against Israel"

UPDATING 6-24-2011 at bottom

The "peace" in Peace Process refers

to peace of mind for Judeophobes
- Eliyahu
When fascism comes to America, it
will be called "anti-fascism."
- Huey Long

Are ostensibly humanitarian or human rights-oriented NGOs serving as anti-Jewish, anti-Israel political tools of Western powers? Let us first look at the history of governments using "non-governmental" organizations to attack Jews, whether physically or verbally. The Encyclopedia Judaica [JTo], vol 3, col 86, tells us:
In Rumania and czarist Russia, anti-Semitism was to a large extent government-sponsored . . .
Focussing on the Russian Empire, where the most Jews lived at that time, we read:
. . . the first known reactionary anti-Semitic organization, the Sacred League [usually called the Holy League], which sprang up after the assassination of Czar Alexander II in March 1881, was clandestine, although arch-reactionary high officials and even ministers seem to have furthered it. In their eyes the Jews were the source of all rebellion, and they themselves used terror and violence to destroy the "leaven of revolution." It is generally believed that the Sacred League was instrumental in fomenting the pogroms of 1881 and 1882. It was dissolved at the end of that year. Toward the end of 1904, when the Japanese war was going badly for Russia, and early in 1905, when the revolution broke out, another anti-Semitic organization was formed, the Union of the Russian People, rather similar in character and aims to its predecessor. This league was openly recognized, and even furthered by the Czar and his government, together with its secret fighting squads, the "Black Hundreds," which were largely responsible for the pogroms of 1905 and for counterrevolutionary political assassinations. The Union of the Russian People, acting in the open, continued in existence until World War I, and inspired the formation of several similar "patriotic" organizations. . . Even during the war [WW 1], government-sponsored Anti-Semitism scarcely abated. . . [EJ, vol 3, col 86.]
Today, we see Israel confronted with a series of extremely hostile demands on it by several Western powers. Britain, France and Germany appear to have joined in with Obama's demand [enunciated on 19 May 2011] that Israel start negotiations after having already conceded that negotiations will start with the assumption that the 1949-1967 armistice lines will be the future border except for "land swaps" between the little vulnerable pre-1967 Israel and a future Arab state to be called "palestine." This acre-for-acre formula allows the Arab side, aggressors in two wars on the Judea-Samaria front [1947-1949 & 1967], to start over again without losses of territory to punish and compensate for their aggression. It also disregards the stipulation in Security Council resolution 242 [post-6 Day War] that negotiations between the parties should work towards "secure and recognized boundaries." This Obama formula would, therefore, deny Israel "secure" borders, which means defensible borders on the Judea-Samaria front.

But Obama's negotiating formula is a diplomatic position. It is in the area of open diplomacy. There are also surreptitious ways that Obama and his administration utilize for working against Israel. They seek to embarass and discredit [that is, delegitimize] Israel in world public opinion. Caroline Glick, referring to Joel Fishman's research, tells us that the Soviet Union and the Communist bloc sought to do that after the Six Day War.
. . . in the aftermath of World War II, and particularly after Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, the Soviets adapted Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda to demonize Israel as the new, collective Jew and in turn demonize the collective Jew as the new Nazi Germany. [Caroline Glick based on J Fishman, "The Big Lie and the Media War against Israel: From Inversion of Truth to Inversion of Reality," in Jewish Political Studies Review, March 2007]
Apparently, at least since the fall of the USSR, Western states too depict Israel in the colors of evil, playing on centuries-old themes of Western Judeophobia. One such device is the encouragement by the Obama administration and its close supporters for publicity stunts designed to embarass Israel, like the "Free Gaza" Flotilla which seems now to be coming out in its second, 2011 edition. The Hamas jihadists [a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood] who rule Gaza enforce Islamic law there and aim to go farther with it. It hardly needs to be said that Islamic law not only denies basic human dignity to non-Muslims but severely restricts what Muslims can do, and holds women --even Muslim women-- as degraded inferiors. That is, Islamic law --shari`ah-- is opposed to freedom. A movement aiming to support Hamas can no more be called a "freedom movement" than Simon Legree can be called a champion of liberty. In a widespread effort to besmirch Israel:
According to Fishman, . . . ex-Nazi propagandists [in Communist & Arab service, developed propaganda/psywar themes] to delegitimize Israel . . . after 1967. The call to arms was published first in a Pravda editorial in October 1967. There, Zionism, the Jewish national liberation movement was reviled as dedicated to “genocide, racism, treachery, aggression, and annexation . . . all characteristic attributes of fascists.”
Caroline Glick comments:
With both the Soviets and the Arabs spewing the same inverted message, it didn’t take long for it to become the rage in Europe. Europe’s adoption of the Nazi-inspired propaganda in which reality was inverted and Israel – the victim of Arab imperialist, genocidal aggression – became the imperialist, genocidal aggressor was facilitated by France’s embrace of the Arab camp after its withdrawal from Algeria . . .
Consider here too De Gaulle's notorious statement [27 November 1967] that the Jews were "a domineering people." Glick goes on:
By 1975, with the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the Soviet-Arab sponsored resolution 3379 defining Zionism as racism, most European governments had fallen in line with the Soviet-Arab propaganda war.
Here we should add Bat Yeor's research on the EU-Arab alliance, which she calls Eurabia. After Europe was won over to the anti-Israel cause, Glick adds,
They in turn spent the next generation bringing their message to America.
But I trust that no one will be surprised if I point out that there were Judeophobes/antisemites in America even before the Six Day War. Judeophobes/antisemites can be found both among what is called "the Left" and what is called "the Right." These sectors of public opinion are not necessarily so different. Let's consider Franklin D Roosevelt to whom Obama has been compared. How did FDR feel about Jews? Did he try to help Jews during the Shoah or did he try to prevent them from being saved and rescued? Many books have been written on this historical issue. The truth of the matter indicts what are called Liberals and what are called the Left. To be sure, in America there were also Liberals and Leftists, as well as Conservatives and Republicans who helped the Jews. For example Hugh Scott, Republican congressman from Philadelphia, who revealed info about the ongoing Holocaust to Jewish activists with the Bergson Group. This was info that FDR was keeping back from the public. Others who helped spread the info as well as the fact that the FDR administration was not helping Jews were Josiah DuBois, Charles Beard, etc.

More characteristic of "Liberals" today is Senator John Kerry, Democratic candidate for president in 2004, a close associate of the White House, and several times an Obama envoy to Assad Basher in Syria. The significant point here is that Kerry has also been a friend of the "Free Gaza" movement, giving a letter of recommendation to Code Pink leaders before they set off to Egypt in December 2009 on a Freedom March to Gaza, five months before they joined the Turkish Armada to Gaza, thugs of which attacked Israeli naval commandos on 31 May 2010. Kerry called the Code Pinkers "humanitarian," whereas their aim was to undermine the blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt, thereby allowing Hamas to import heavy weapons by sea into the Hamas-ruled zone. The weapons would be used against Israel of course. As to humanitarian needs, tons of food were and are transported into Gaza from Israel every day, and Gaza gets much of its water and electricity supply from Israel.

Code Pink became widely known for acting out clownish antics in order to arouse opposition to President Bush's war in Iraq. However, Obama has sent more troops to Afghanistan than Bush had there, yet Code Pink has not played its flamboyant, histrionic, juvenile stunts to oppose Obama's war in Afstan, although formally opposing it. Here is something about Code Pink's relationship to the White House. First,
Jodie Evans [Code Pink founder and leader] . . . was one of Obama’s top funders and donors in the 2007-2008 presidential campaign [here]
She also "gave Kerry $1000 in 2004 for his presidential run." [here]
Next, Jodie Evans has White House access:
Code Pink has worked as a conduit between Hamas and Obama, delivering a letter from the terrorist group to Obama last June. Jodie Evans met with Obama administration official Buffy Wicks at the White House after Code Pink brought the letter out of Gaza. [here, also see here & here]
Evans and her other gal ghoul friends of code pink & male companions like Bill Ayres, another friend of Obama, took part in the "Gaza Freedom March" which in fact supported the Hamas, enemies of freedom [here].
Another friend of Free Gaza in Washington is Lee Hamilton, director of the Woodrow Wilson Center [1/3 US govt funded]. Hamilton is a mentor of Obama and the Hamilton of the Baker-Hamilton Report, which recommended that the US move closer to the Syrian Assad Basher regime at Israel's expense, pushing Israel to surrender the strategically vital Golan Heights to the murderous Assad gang. Hamilton had his Center confer the Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award [here] on Turkish foreign minister Davutoglu just a few weeks after his govt, Erdung's govt, had sponsored the May 2010 "Freedom Flotilla" to Gaza [here].
To top off all of this, Obama's misnamed "counterterrorism czar", John Brennan, was the chief White House contact for the "Free Gaza" convoy.

The Encyclopedia Judaica tells us that in Tsarist Russia, "
high officials and even ministers seem to have furthered" the anti-Jewish Holy League. About 20 years later, the anti-Jewish body, "the Union of the Russian People, rather similar in character and aims to its predecessor [was founded]. This league was openly recognized, and even furthered by the Czar and his government, together with its secret fighting squads, the 'Black Hundreds'" who perpetrated pogroms. Is there any similarity between the tsarist Russian method for attacking Jews and the Obama method?
- - - - - - -

The Wiesenthal Institute cites EU funding for "Israel=apartheid" event at Erasmus University in the Netherlands [here]
EU foreign affairs commissioner,
Catherine Ashton, makes a typically hypocritical EU utterance on violence in Gaza [here pdf].
Martin Peretz on Western hostility to Israel disguised as a "peace process." [here]
Gaza physicians complain that medicines brought by the ostensibly "humanitarian" Turkish Armada are past their expiry date [here]
Lee Smith welcomes Fatah-Hamas pact because it exposes Western mendacity re possibility of peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs [here]
Pix of "Free Gaza" movement with Hamas honcho Ismail Haniyah in Gaza [here]
Organizers of the "Audacity of Hope" humano ship to Gaza admit to not carrying humano goods [here]
NGO Monitor researches funding sources for NGOs operating in the Land of Israel. Typically they are heavily funded by the EU, EU member states and powerful institutions in Western countries [here].
Phyllis Chesler describes the Flotilla of Fools and the ignorance, bigotry and narcissism of its actors [here]
Pajamas Media reported on Code Pink's obsequious visit to the ayatollahs of Iran back in 2008, oblivious to the execution of an Iranian woman [here]
6-24-2011 The pro-Hamas convoy to Gaza does not want to openly acknowledge what Hamas really stands for. Hamas stands for war and killing of Israeli civilians, while suppressing their fellow Arabs in Gaza [here]

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