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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Is It Legitimate for Biden to Become President?


Before examining political, diplomatic and foreign affairs issues affecting Biden's legitimacy, let's deal first with the more personal and moral issues.

The man is now in 2020 a shell of a man, a manikin, an empty suit guided and manipulated by others. His gaffes are the stuff of legend, like: We choose truth over facts; You're a dogfaced pony soldier [said to a young woman who had asked a friendly question that, it seems, did not agree with Biden], etc. For those who thought he would get progressively worse, his stable if uninspiring performance in the first debate indicates that he may be heavily medicated to stop the advance of his dementia or alzheimer's. Earlier in 2020, the eminent, respected American journalist, Britt Hume, had described Biden as "evidently senile." However, in that first debate his acceptable if pedestrian performance was not without another gaffe, perhaps one not as blatant as earlier ones and thus not noticed. He said during that debate: The polls should stay open until all the votes are counted. Now it seems that this gaffe was overlooked. In any case, the votes are supposed to be counted after the polling places are closed. Further, Biden's physical appearance does not look healthy. Hence, on physical and mental grounds he is not fit to be president. 

Of course, the moral reasons why he is unfit to be president are equally compelling. As vice president under Barack Obama, he ran an influence-peddling racket, using principally his son Hunter Biden but in which other family members such as his brother James were involved. The influence-peddling took place in far flung parts of the world where his duties as vice president took him. Indeed, Obama made him his "point man" or liaison for relations with the Ukraine. This particular fact was fateful for Israel since Obama used Biden to "persuade" or "convince" Ukraine not to abstain from the Security Council vote on UN SC resolution 2334, a very hostile anti-Israel resolution which US diplomats were promoting behind the scenes but which the US [= Obama and his team] was itself planning to abstain on. Obama wanted a uniform anti-Israel vote in the Security Council,  with all countries but the USA voting in favor, in order to show Israel that it had no friends but for the USA and that even the USA wanted Israel to capitulate to PLO/PA demands for anti-Jewish apartheid in what diplomats and journalists customarily call The West Bank. Biden was used by Obama to bring the Ukrainians into line, because their original decision on the UN SC vote was to abstain. Obama wanted only the US to abstain.

Besides Ukraine, Biden ran his racket in China, Rumania, Russia, and other countries, customarily traveling on Air Force 2, the official plane designated for the vice president [Hunter Biden traveled to China with Dad on Air Force 2 at least once]. Now, the truth be told, many persons in lands outside the USA were eager to pay money into Biden's racket, thereby purchasing influence. This paid off for Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, which offered Joe's son, Hunter, a seat on its board of directors, at a generous salary for someone who knew little about the energy industry and did not know the languages commonly spoken in the Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian. When the Ukrainian state prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was going to investigate Burisma, Joe arrived in Kiev [pronounced Keef], the Ukrainian capital, and threatened the top Ukrainian leaders, Poroshenko the president and Yatsenyuk the prime minister, that he would withhold one billion dollars in badly needed US loan guarantees if that prosecutor --a corrupt man according to Biden-- were not dismissed in six hours. Biden told the Ukrainians that Obama supported him in this matter, and  if they thought he was lying then they could call Obama. Biden boasted of this extortion in his talk before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York in January 2018. 

Biden's worldwide influence peddling, also involving his family, led  Rudy Giuliani, former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who had prosecuted Mafia gangs as a senior Federal prosecutor, to speak of "The Biden Crime Family" as one might speak of the Genovese Crime Family. 

At this point, some background about US-Ukraine relations in the Obama and Trump periods might be helpful. After the fall of Communism in 1989-1990, many of the states emerging from the long Soviet and Communist winter found themselves burdened with corrupt governments where the new leaders were out to enrich themselves, as just coincidentally, Joe was too. In 2013-14 US govt officials, such as Victoria Nuland of the State Depatment, encouraged and aided a sometimes violent protest movement led by two neo-fascist parties, Right Sektor and Svoboda. After Washington had secured the fall of pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovich through these Ukrainian allies, the new government found itself at war with Russian proxy forces in the east of the country, partly due to their own nationalistic arrogance and political ineptitude. Nevertheless, despite these Ukrainian allies having helped the USA achieve the foreign policy goal of eliminating and/or reducing Russian influence in the Ukraine, Obama's administration --which had encouraged them against the pro-Russian Yanukovich-- refused to give them major or lethal weapons in the war which followed Yanukovich's fall. Instead, Obama and his administration were pleased to supply the Ukraine with blankets and such like minor help. It was the Trump administration which first supplied lethal, major weapons to the Ukraine. This meant in particular the Javelin anti-tank missile that the Ukraine had been asking for for several years [Le Monde, 23 December 2017, updated 12-26-2017online]. This fact among others indicates that the widespread claim  by leading Democrats and its media allies that Trump was a cats-paw for Russia, for Putin, was simply vile political slander, a hoax, since Trump was sending weapons to a country with which Russia was at war, the Ukraine. Biden was part of this slander since he took part in a White House strategy meeting in early January 2017 [before Trump's inauguration] at which Biden suggested charging Trump with violating the Logan Act, a law from the late 18th century forbidding private US citizens from negotiating with foreign powers. However, in the much more complicated international politico-military-diplomatic situation of the 20th century, it became customary for foreign policy officials of incoming administrations to meet foreign counterparts and representatives in order to find out what was important and less important to both sides, etc. Yet General Flynn, Trump's candidate for National Security Advisor, was persecuted by the FBI and Federal prosecutors for meeting the Russian ambassador to the US in the interim between the 2016 election and Trump's inauguration.

Another place where Trump acted counter to presumed Russian interests was in Syria where Trump gave orders to bomb Syrian military targets to deter future Syrian gas and chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians, as at Douma on 7 April 2018 [Le Monde, 14 April 2018]. Russia objected to this bombing of Syrian targets at the Security Council. Obama broke his own promise, his own "red line" when he decided not to attack Syria after all for a poison gas attack against civilians in Syria several years before. And Biden too promoted this Russia Collusion Hoax.

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QUESTION of the day: Does anybody remember Tara Reade? Is it true that she had a "relationship" with Senator Joseph Biden? And why has she been so soon forgotten?

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Monday, November 09, 2020

Is Joe Biden a Legal or Legitimate President?

Is it legal for Biden to be president? First of all, his widely alleged majority of electoral votes is due to vote cheating by his supporters, that is, the Democratic Party machines of several big cities: Philadelphia, Detroit, Las Vegas (Clark County, Nevada), Atlanta, Milwaukee, etc. The vote counting in those places, particularly Philadelphia and Detroit, was not transparent and supervised by representatives of both parties. In Philadelphia, local Democratic election officials refused to obey a court order to allow Republican representatives   close enough access to observe the counting where and while  it was going on. They were kept far away. There are many instances of the lack of proper observation or inspection of vote counting by both parties. Rudy Giuliani led the legal fight of the pro-Trump forces, especially in Philadelphia. Giuliani is a former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and later mayor of New York. He is not some irresponsible, uneducated demagogue. He discusses methods of cheating by Democrats, and not just in Philadelphia. Giuliani also pointed out that the cheating methods --including those meant to prevent Republican inspection of the counting process-- were remarkably similar in various parts of the USA, in several cities. The vote fraud to come must have been planned months in advance.

On another legal point, Biden is prima facie involved in crimes involving using his power, influence and authority as vice president for personal purposes, including personal gain, including in foreign affairs. He appears to have committed felony crimes. However, he has not been convicted, indicted or even officially investigated [although it seems that his son Hunter is under FBI investigation]. Biden openly boasted of his ability to extort a foreign government, that of the Ukraine, to dismiss a prosecutor preparing to investigate a Ukrainian company on the board of which his son Hunter was sitting for a generous monetary consideration. According to emails found on a laptop computer belonging to Hunter Biden which were seen by the New York Post, his father Joe got a large share of the younger Biden's takings from the Ukrainian company, Burisma, as well as from Chinese sources, etc. Now since no legal action has been taken in these several cases involving Biden influence peddling, it may be legal on those grounds that Biden become president. However, the large-scale and widespread vote fraud against Trump by Democratic party officials makes Biden's "votes" illegal.                                                                  

Of course, Biden supporters in the media make claims of "no evidence" of vote fraud or "unsubstantiated allegations." This reminds me of the repeated denials of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government, including by the sinister tyrant, Erdogan. "No evidence" is claimed by the Turks too. Or the genocide was only the usual mass killings taking place during a war. And so on and so forth.                        

Further, the phenomenon of vote fraud has a long history in the United States. Chicago used to be notorious for "voting the cemeteries" and also for the slogan "vote early and often." In recent years Philadelphia has become notorious for the same thing. But it did not start there just in 2020.

So much for the legality of Biden becoming president of the USA. In the next blog post, we will take up the illegitimacy of the election of Biden. Illegitimate means something wrong, not right, or unjust that may not necessarily be illegal.

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