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Emet m'Tsiyon

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Where Did Zbig Brzezinski & Susan Rice Disappear To?

 The past couple of weeks the TV news programs and the printed press have been full of stories about the tragedy enfolding in Afghanistan, about thousands and thousands of terrified people, Westerners and Afghans, trying to leave the country just lately delivered into the hands of the jihadi Taliban by courtesy of Joe Biden's administration. But in all the jabber and hand-wringing about that country located between China, Iran, Pakistan and a few Central Asian countries, I have not heard or seen --in all the TV, radio and print press that I have consumed-- a single mention of the man who started the ball rolling for more than forty years of bloodshed and mayhem in that country nor of the woman who kept it going during Obama's unhappy eight years in office as US president [years unhappy for most others affected, if not for Obama himself].

Zbig actually boasted about his cynical deception which led to the Afghan-Russian war in the late 1970s and eventually to the wars and Afghanistan-based terrorist attacks that we look back on with dread. Up till this very moment. Zbig was a mentor of Barak Hussein Obama and was quite willing to continue his career of war contriver into Obama's administration, Indeed he was slated for a high foreign policy-making post under Obama. However, as luck would have it, one of the Democratic partys' big donors, threatened to withhold her support if Zbig were given another role in government, another chance to cook up wars and massacres, large and small, across the globe.

Nevertheless, Zbig's spirit did take up residence in Obama's regime in the unexpected form of a young woman, Susan Rice. She was designated to become Obama's national insecurity advisor. During the 2008 presidential election campaign, she advocated that the USA get of Iraq. That was the wrong war, that was Republican George W Bush's war. So many folk may have seen her as a peacemonger. She wanted to get America out of Iraq, right? But she declared that there was a right war, a good war that America and its allies ought to send more troops to. That war was the one in Afghanistan. During Obama's miserable eight years in office, with Joe Biden as vice president and Sue Rice as national insecurity advisor, I do not recall talk of getting out of Afghanistan, although maybe there was, but if so, it was rather quiet.

As we all know to our sorrow, Joe is now president and commander-in-chief and Sue is Director of the Domestic Policy Council. True, her role is now "domestic," not foreign policy. But does anyone really believe that she no longer has a foreign policy role, whereas foreign policy is her area of expertise?

In any event, throughout this tragedy unfolding in Kabul, I have not heard or read any mention of either Susan Rice or Zbigniew Brzezinski. Why not? Are the media covering up for them?