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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few questions for Obama and his Jewish supporters

The Democratic Party and the Obama campaign started worrying several months ago that Obama would not get the kind of majority among Jewish voters that Democratic presidential candidates have gotten in the past. So they have made special efforts to bring the lost Jewish sheep back into the fold. Sheep is the right word for Obama voters, Jews and others. Obama might cause them to be slaughtered. Senator Carl Levin and Congressman Henry Waxman have defended Obama as a mentsh, to their everlasting shame. The deceitful, sinister Obama, good pal of Rashid al-Khalidi and Bill Ayers and Judeophobic imperialist strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, is anything but a mentsh.

As to Obama's deceit, how can any sensible person accept Obama's dishonest excuse that, although he had sat in Rev Wright's church for 20 years, he didn't know what Wright was saying? Then there's Obama's demagogic charge that McCain represents the Rich. No doubt many rich folk support McCain. But how about the billionaires like George Soros and Theresa Heinz Kerry and malefactors of great wealth like Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, formerly of Wall Street, who have contributed to Obama's campaign and serve it as advisors?? Raines and Johnson helped create the present economic crisis by giving out mortgages to people who were poor credit risks, which might sound kind and generous but wrecked the system when these people could no longer make their mortgage payments. This is what is called the subprime loan problem, and Obama's pals were in the thick of it. They helped to bring the economic system to its knees. And Obama got mucho dinero from them.

Now to a few questions for Jewish supporters of Obama:

1-- where does Obama stand on the human and civil rights of Jonathan Pollard? Where does he stand on the abuse of Pollard's rights under the Eighth Amendment to the US constitution? The 8th Amendment forbids "cruel and ususual punishments." Yet Pollard has been sentenced to what is virtually a life sentence for spying for a friendly country, whereas the US govt was withholding from Israel information that Israel was supposed to receive under a US-Israel treaty. Further, many persons convicted of spying for the enemy Soviet Union and for Arab states got sentences of only a few years. Hence, Pollard's sentence is "cruel and unusual." What will Obama do, if anything, to right the injustice against Pollard?

2-- Obama claims civil and human rights for Black people [if he will really deliver is another question]. What about the civil and human rights of Jews to inhabit Judea-Samaria, including the ancient Jewish holy city of Hebron?? The League of Nations mandate for the Jewish National Home recognized Jewish national and civil rights to live in Judea-Samaria, including Hebron, yet the Bush administration opposes those rights. Obama claims to be against Bush and insinuates that his presidency would not be another term for Bush. Yet he has never criticized the Bush administration's anti-Jewish racism concerning Jewish rights to live in Judea-Samaria and Hebron. Where does Obama stand on Jewish rights? Does Obama favor an apartheid policy against Jews living in those places?

3-- Obama's Jewish toadies tell us that he supports Israel as much as does McCain. But why don't we hear very specific pro-Israel promises from the mouth of Obama himself? Why is it always Senator Levin or Congressman Waxman or Alan Dershowitz? Does Obama have something to hide? Does he want to avoid committing himself to Israel's concrete needs and rights in his own voice?

4-- Why is Zbig Brzezinski being hidden from voters in general and Jewish voters in particular? Maybe there's a good reason because maybe too many people remember all the ill and evil that Zbig did to America, to Israel, and to the world when he was Carter's national insecurity advisor.

Can Obama's supporters say why they overlook Zbig's Judeophobia? Could they ask Obama to publicly repudiate Zbig as an advisor?? [on Zbig see here & here & here & here & ici &
aqui & qui & poh]

Note: I raise these questions not as a Republican --I am not now and have never been a Republican, in fact I don't believe that the parties are different enough on foreign policy-- but as a Zionist. I am concerned about the welfare of Israel and Jews, which I believe coincides with the world's welfare, since Zbig and Obama are hostile to most people in the rationally predictable outcomes of their policies. On the other hand, it is foolish to be in the pocket of any party, particularly not the Democrats with their history of collaborating indirectly in the Holocaust [through Franklin D Roosevelt]. Roosevelt refused to let Jewish refugees from the Nazis find refuge in the United States except under very stringent conditions. Remember that FDR sent the passenger liner St. Louis back to occupied Europe, knowing that it was full of refugees from Hitler.
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Coming: More on Obama the war candidate, More on the anti-Jewish racism of the "Peace Process," Republicans, Democrats & Jews [FDR and Eisenhower and Carter and George Bush Sr]; Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, archeological updates, peace follies, propaganda, etc

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