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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ancient Poems of Zion after the Hurban (the Destruction)

How Long Will There Be Weeping in Zion? -- Anonymous

How long will there be weeping in Zion
And lamentation in Jerusalem?
Have mercy on Zion
And build anew the walls of Jerusalem.
. . . .
O Lord, be most zealous for Zion's honor,
And let your mercy shine upon the city once so full of people!

[translated by T. Carmi in T. Carmi, ed., The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse (New York: Viking Press, 1981), pp 204-206] I substituted the word "zealous" for the word "jealous" in Carmi's translation. The anonymous poet lived after the Hurban (the destruction of the Second Temple). Carmi writes: "The earliest known post-biblical dirge on the destruction of the Temple... The poem is traditionally recited on the eve of the Ninth of Av."

See what Karl Marx wrote on Jerusalem in his time. Coming soon.


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