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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No 100 Days of Grace for Zbig Brzezinski's Front Man "president"

Barack Obama won the presidential election thanks to his own lies and massive support for him by the media [MSM]. This is not to mention intimidation of voters by Obama supporters in Philadelphia and other places, apparently deliberate late dispatch of absentee ballots so that overseas voters would not be able to vote, an effective propaganda campaign in parts of the Jewish community, etc.

It is likely that he will soon make lying propaganda against Israel. He might declare that Israel is an apartheid state, that it oppresses "poor palestinians", that it took Arab land away from "poor palestinians", that it has no right to exist [this might be insinuated rather than explicitly stated], that Jews have no human or civil right to live on "Arab land," that Israel is to blame for the wars, etc. Since this is what is likely to happen, especially if no opposition emerges, then Obama should not get any days of grace at all. Strong criticism of Obama must continue. His critics must continue to demand release of what Obama said at the Khalidi farewell party in Chicago. Public demos and rallies would be helpful if some participation is assured. Even a small demonstration can be helpful. Interviews on talk radio, letters and articles for Jewish newspapers, lectures by and interviews with competent experts should be considered.

Remember that the Holocaust president Franklin D Roosevelt was a Democrat. Why can't a president Obama be just as bad? At the same time, bear in mind that certain Republicans, such as the Dulles family, helped the Nazis and later the Arabs. Eleanor Dulles was head of the German desk in the State Dept in the 1930s [This is not the time to speak of her relationship (tragic for him) with the Zionist and scholar of medieval Jewish literature, David Blondheim.]. Allen and John Foster Dulles were notoriously pro-Arab while running the foreign policy of the Eisenhower administration.

It should be pointed out that Obama's Israel policy is going to be a continuation of Bush's anti-Israel policy. But worse. Bush and his sidekick, Condonazzia of the Third Rice, oppose the Jewish right to live in Judea-Samaria, the Gaza Strip, and parts of Jerusalem under Jordanian control up June 1967. The Jewish majority in Jerusalem since 1853 makes no difference to them. That Arabs drove Jews out of their homes in Jerusalem starting in December 1947, in areas later taken over by Jordan, makes no difference to them. They always have an excuse: Peace. Even if their "solution" brings war not peace, they always claim to be working for peace. Even if their "solution" denies the national, human and civil rights of Jews, it is all for the sake of "peace."

So the answer to them has to be: Racism. You are for racism against Jews, not for peace. You hypocritically base your position on misrepresentations of international law. Your "peace process" is racist, Judeophobic. Your "humanitarian" concerns are hypocritical. If you really wanted peace, why not stop the mass-murder war in Sudan?? If you were really humanitarian, you should have intervened to stop the genocide against Blacks in southern Sudan fifty years ago. Why did the State Dept try to close the gates of immigration to the United States in the 1930s to Jews who were fleeing for their lives, whereas now neither Bush nor Obama really care about preventing illegal immigration of non-Jews who are not fleeing for their lives.

Why is Obama so dangerous? Because he is the new bottle for old wine. His skin color provides a hiding place for old time State Dept and CIA activists. He will shelter these old time racists and Judeophobes. He is their front man. You can't accuse us of racism against Jews. Our president is Black. Besides, Jews aren't a race. Jews have too much power. Jews are racist against poor palestinians [naturally, it is not mentioned that Arabs have oppressed Jews in Arabia and the lands conquered by the Muslim Arabs since the time of Muhammad, as well as holding them in theological contempt]. Jews are to blame for the wars. Even the wars that we helped start with our diplomacy, our espionage, our psywar guidance, our weapons, our training, our organizing, our money. The Dulles Brothers could not say these things so easily and have them believed since they were so obviously Establishment. They always appeared in public in jacket, tie, vest and tightly buttoned collar. But Obama's more relaxed sartorial style can be more effective in helping to convince the hoi polloi. His non-Establishment pretense can carry the day.

Then too, Obama is a superb demagogue, employing ruthless lies, as we have seen. You don't want to be the target of his demogoguery. He will come out in support of the whole Arab Judeophobic program and set of accusations. Apartheid, land theft, alien intruders, aggressors, oppressors, colonialists, racists, a Jewish state is illegitimate because a theocracy [and the Muslim states? Saudi Arabia?], etc. Unless friends of Israel and the Jews can anticipate him and state the truth about Arab oppression of Jews over the centuries before he gets control of the White House. As Zbig Brzezinski's front man, Obama is a danger not only to Jews but to the world [as N Cohen-Tanugi indicated in an earlier post]. And Obama is a great front man just as he is a superb demagogue. At the same time, protests against Obama should not spare Bush nor his secretary of state, Miss Bitter Rice [riso amaro].

The evil role of Jewish Democrats must be acknowledged before ending. They never effectively opposed Franklin Roosevelt's pro-Holocaust policy. Now they support Obama even when they understand what he really is. Congressman Jerold Nadler showed that he understood Obominable's cynical opportunism in remarks made at a Florida synagogue, not for public consumption [shown on Foxnews just before the election]. Yet Nadler still supported Obama.

Don't give Obama any days of grace. Don't wait until he makes his appointments. We know that they and he are going to be bad. His anti-Israel promises to Abu Mazen [Holocaust denier] have already leaked out. My last forecast is that even American Blacks may come to hate him, if their sons, boyfriends, husbands, brothers, start coming home from Afghanistan in body bags where the One says that he wants to send more troops.
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Coming: More on the dangers of the obominable one, Jews in Jerusalem, Zbig and the State Dept and Damascus fascists, history, propaganda analysis, psywar analysis, etc.

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