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Emet m'Tsiyon

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama flunkey denies that Obama supports Saudi "peace plan"

UPDATED 11-20-2008
see at bottom

Dennis Ross, now an Obama flunkey, formerly a "peace processor" in the State Dept during Clinton's tenure, has denied that the so-called "Arab peace plan," first proposed by Saudi Arabia, will be part of president-elect Obama's foreign policy. We all recognize the peaceful role played by Saudi Arabia for many years in financing Hamas and before that funding arafat and the Fatah. We also acknowledge that Saudi Arabia is the right country to propose peace plans because of its known devotion to religious tolerance, human rights and justice for all, especially Jews.

However, the trouble with Ross' denial is that a flunkey made it, not Obama himself. It cannot be taken seriously if The One himself does not make it. On the other hand, BHO has contradicted himself so often that we can never be sure where he stands on any issue. And where he stands today might not be where he stands two weeks from now.

As to the Saudi plan, it is also called the "Arab peace plan" because the Arab League adopted it in 2002 during a massive Arab campaign to mass murder Jews by bombings, suicide and otherwise. All this notwithstanding, one could be more trusting about Arab "peace plans" if the Arabs were more at peace with each other. Instead, we have Arab slaughter of fellow Arabs in Iraq [mainly Sunnites against Shi`ites], in Lebanon: Muslims against Arabic-speaking Christians, in Algeria: [Sunni Muslims against Sunni Muslims], Sudan: Arabic-speaking black Muslims against tribal, non-Arabic speaking Muslims, and lastly, in Gaza, Fatah against Hamas, etc etc.

Getting back to Obama & Co., he is still surrounded by the ilk of Zbig B, Brent Scowcroft, Lee Hamilton, Rashid al-Khalidi, etc. Obama has never sent a signal that he supports the human and civil rights of Jews. Does he favor pardon or clemency for Jonathan Pollard, a victim of a "cruel and unusual punishment," sentenced virtually to life in jail for espionage whereas others sentenced for espionage in the same period --for instance, in behalf of Egypt-- got light sentences of a few years. Does Obama oppose the racist exclusion of Jews from purchasing land in Judea-Samaria which was imposed by the British mandate govt in 1939-1940 or the even more racist denial by Jordan from 1948 to 1967 of the Jewish right to even inhabit Judea-Samaria?? If the answer to both questions is No, then Obama is an anti-Jewish racist.
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Here is commentary on this matter from the Italian "leftist" press.
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Coming: Obama's corruption and Israelophobia, UK Holocaust partnership, the UK threat towards Israel, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, archeology, etc.

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