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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Israel Has to Say to the World about Gaza and Hamas & Why We Need a Ground Offensive

UPDATING analysis of Hamas Charter 1-2-2009

Israel has the right to make war on the Hamas in Gaza. The Israeli army has the duty to wipe out all military power of Hamas in Gaza. The fact that the present Israeli government did not wipe out Hamas military power in Gaza in the past and did not prevent Hamas from building up a significant stock of missiles, anti-personnel missiles, anti-civilian missiles, to be exact, was a dereliction of duty of the present government. The present govt of Israel --the crooks and misfits and two-legged rats typified by olmert, barak, & livni-- allowed Hamas to bring into Gaza katyusha/Grad rockets normally manufactured, superior to the Gaza-made Qassam rockets that Hamas and the other terrorist gangs were previously using. The Qassam rockets had a relatively short range and a smaller warhead [explosive charge] than the katyushas.

The "cease fires" and "hudnas" that olmert-barak-livni accepted with Hamas gave these IslamoNazis an opportunity to build up stocks of weapons and build fortifications and concealed storage places for weapons, to train their gunmen and rocket-shooters, etc. They also allowed the Hamas [and PA (palestinian authority)] TV, radio, press, schools, mosques, etc. to continue the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish indoctrination of the Arab population in the Hamas-ruled and PA-ruled zones. [on Israel's misleadership, see link to Judith Klinghoffer below].

In this endeavor, Hamas was aided by the Bush Administration which falsely parades under the colors of a "war on terror." The Bush Administration has in fact encouraged terrorism. We don't expect the incoming obominable adminstration to do any better, probably worse. The Bush Administration, through Condonazzia of the Third Rice, pressured Sharon to give up control of the strip of land between Egypt and Gaza, called the Philadelphi Corridor. By giving up control of this zone, and Arab tunnels had long made Israeli control of the zone much less than complete, Sharon allowed smuggling of weapons under the Gaza-Egypt border to go on without restraint except for some fitful, reluctant Egyptian efforts. That is, Sharon, pressured by Condonazzia, had placed Israel's security in the hands of Egypt and equally ineffective and reluctant EU observers whose authority was only over the ground-level passages/crossings, not over the tunnels underground, under the border.

Secretary of State Condonazzia also pressured Israel to let Hamas take part in the palestinian authority elections of January 2006. However, under the Oslo Accords, no party opposed to those accords was allowed to take part in elections. Sharon gave in to Condonazzia on both items: the Philadelphi Corridor and Hamas participation in PA elections. Condonazzia can now take pride in her destructive, pro-terrorist achievements. The current war can be considered part of the legacy of Condonazzia of the Third Rice. [on the Bushes' support for Hamas, see here]

The Israeli air force has succeeded marvelously in destroying much of the Hamas terrorist/military and political infrastructure in Gaza. However, in order to stop --or much more effectively hinder-- rockets from being shot at Israeli towns, cities, rural communities, a ground operation is needed. This operation need not be costly in the lives of our soldiers. The northern part of the Strip where three pleasant Israeli communities were located before their expulsion by Sharon in 2005 has not been populated by the PA or by Hamas since it took over Gaza in June 2007. The northern part of the Strip could be militarily taken over without displacing the non-existent Arab civilian population. Further, taking that area would make it impossible for Hamas to shoot rockets from there, and it so happens that the northern part of the Strip is the closest part to Sderot, Ashqelon, Ashdod and -- Tel Aviv. Hence, part of defending major Israeli population centers from Hamas rockets, in the event that Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip is not completely overthrown, is holding the area of the northern and northeastern Gaza Strip. Since Abu Mazen's Fatah gang is also out for conquest in the Islamic sense [its very name, Fatah, means conquest and invasion in Arabic and refers to the medieval Arab conquests], if Fatah rule [misrule] is renewed in Gaza, then such a buffer zone would still be needed. At the same time, holding the northern and northeastern part of the Strip would not entail ruling over an Arab civilian population since it does not exist there. Further, this would not be "occupation" since Gaza was part of the Jewish Natonal Home juridically erected by the San Remo Conference and League of Nations in 1920 & 1922. Moreover, vast areas of Germany were taken from it at the end of WW2 on the grounds that these areas had served as platforms for German aggression against Poland, Czechoslovakia, the USSR, etc., and that they should be taken from Germany in order to prevent future German aggression.

Now, part of a country's self-defense is persuading outside powers not directly involved in a conflict that the country is in the right. This is hard for Israel to do because of the hostility to Israel built into the international system --into Western and Muslim culture-- as an inheritance from classic Judeophobia [called "antisemitism"]. The right Israeli response is not to say that "nothing can be done." All the Judeophobia notwithstanding, Israel must make the right arguments in its defense and it can succeed --at least to some extent. There are knowledgeable and fairminded people in the world and lies can be refuted. Yet, when a destructive old fool named Shimon Peres became foreign minister in 1986, with Yossi Beilin as deputy minister, the information dept of the Foreign Ministry was shut down. Peres stupidly argued that "good policies" and "right policies" were enough for winning international support. Information was not important, he said. So Israel's information/hasbarah effort, not very good even before 1986, was almost totally wiped out. The gap has been filled to some extent by many private bodies and individuals but when the official leaders, like olmert, livni, barak, talk so foolishly so often, the work of these private persons [Jews and Gentiles both] becomes harder. The TV pundits tell us that our govt has learned some lessons about warfare and public information from the Vinograd report on the 2006 Lebanon War. This may be so. However, some points are still not being made. Here are some arguments that Israeli spokesmen should now be making:

1) the Nazi nature --the genocidal nature-- of Hamas' objectives regarding Israel and the Jewish people [see Article 7 of Hamas charter through links below].

2) that Hamas is a part of the worldwide jihad movement and an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood centered in Egypt where, incidentally, MB is a threat to Mubarak's rule. Some mentally deranged American political scientists and State Dept operatives want to see the MB as a "democratic" force in Egyptian politics. It may be true that the MB represents a majority of Egyptians but this is hardly democracy since the MB denies human rights --let alone equal rights-- for non-Muslims. Note how MB treats the Copts in Egypt, the purest descendants of the ancient Egyptians. MB, like Hamas, is not a democratic alternative to Mubarak's regime --or to Abu Mazen, etc.

3) the objective of the war should be to make it impossible for Hamas to continue its aggression against Israel by rockets or any other means. Why should Israelis have to live under the threat of katyushas/grads or qassams or mortars, etc??? Demanding that Israel go soft on Hamas out of pretended concern for Arab civilians in Gaza is inhuman and racist against Jews. It is a denial of Jewish human rights. This objective CANNOT be achieved by an agreement. Neither Hamas nor Fatah for that matter has any respect for agreements with infidels or even fellow Muslims. Arafat stated this frankly a few weeks after the handshake on the White House lawn [9-13-1993, a day that will live in infamy]. This was in his notorious Johannesburg speech which mentioned Muhammad's Hudaybiyyah treaty which Muhammad broke when it suited him, that is, when he felt that his forces were capable of defeating his enemy with whom he had made the treaty. This is significant today since Muslims hold Muhammad and whatever he did as noble and worthy of emulation, whether lying for the purpose of conquest or slaughtering Jews or slaughtering his Arab critics or marrying a six-year old girl, etc. So if Muhammad broke the Hudaybiyyah Treaty when it suited him, then arafat is allowed, even commanded, to break any peace treaty made with the infidel Jews, often described in the Quran as descendants of apes and pigs.

4) UK, EU, and UN denunciation of Israel for killing civilians or being "disproportionate" in killing civilians is sinister Judeophobic hypocrisy. Nazi Germany started the 2nd World War, albeit with diplomatic help from UK prime minister Chamberlain. The Luftwaffe bombed Poland [especially Jewish neighborhoods], the Netherlands, France, and, eventually, Britain. Many civilians were killed in these bombings. When Britain struck back with its own bombings later in the war, it killed many more German civilians than British civilians had been killed by the Germans. Consider Dresden as an example. Also note the bombing of Hamburg, of Tokyo and the A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Does the UK or US express guilt over those bombings and those civilian deaths that they caused?? On the other hand, Hamas specifically targets Israeli civilians whereas Israel targets military and Hamas political targets. [see links on international law below]
5) Hamas is as strong as it is partly because of Brzezinski diplomacy. Zbig Brzezinski was jimmy carter's national insecurity advisor. His machinations helped Khomeini take over Iran. Now the world, especially Israel, is suffering from Zbig's sinister intrigues. Diplomacy can be harmful to peace just as sometimes, it may bring peace. But mere negotiations by themselves do not bring peace with aggressive fanatic rulers who believe in war, whether Hitler or Ahmadinejad or Hamas.

Martin Peretz explains why Israel had to fight.

Judith Klinghoffer on Israel's present (mis)leadership and the Gaza War.

International Law and the Gaza War (Justus Reid Weiner & Avi Bell), (Eliyahu m'Tsiyon), Geneva Convention IV (see Articles 27 & 28 especially).

What does Hamas stand for? [Hamas Charter here]
An analysis of the Hamas Charter aqui.

Bush I & Bush II support Hamas [by Martin Kramer].

- - - - - - - -
Coming: More on Zbig's schemes, Obama's dishonesty, the "Left's" lies, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, archeology, propaganda analysis, peace follies, etc.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Anti-Jewish Racist UK Continues Its War against the Human Rights of Jews

Racist UK continues war against the human rights of Jews

The United Kingdom, often called Great Britain, accepted a mandate, a trust, from the League of Nations on behalf of the Jewish people to foster development of the Jewish National Home in the Land of Israel. This meant fostering "close settlement" on the land by Jews. As everyone ought to know, the UK violated its mandate, its commitment to the Jewish National Home principle, precisely on the eve of the Holocaust. The Land of Israel --unfortunately labelled "palestine" by the League of Nations-- was recognized as historically Jewish. The League stated: ". . . recognition has thereby been given [by the mandate] to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine" [preamble of the League of Nations mandate, 1922].

The worst single violation by the UK of this mandate was the 1939 "White Paper for Palestine" which severely limited Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel precisely when the Jews most needed a home, on the eve of the Holocaust. The "White Paper" also severely restricted Jewish land purchase in the country, including all of Judea & Samaria, except for the Jerusalem area where Jews could buy real estate only from non-Arabs, non-Muslims. Here the British were showing their ugly Judeophobic face, self-righteously pretending to only meaning to be pro-Arab, as if the Arabs deserved that kind of support. In any event, the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations found that the White Paper was a violation of the mandate. This finding that they were violating international law did not stop the UK. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, if not millions, died because of this White Paper policy and other British policies during the Holocaust and WW2. The United Kingdom can properly be considered a sleeping partner in the Holocaust. [see other UK pro-Holocaust activity here and here].

Now, the UK is stepping up its war against the Jewish right to live in Judea-Samaria, areas where the British had forbid Jews to purchase real estate back in 1939-1940. It seems that the British want to continue the Holocaust through Arab hands now rather than German hands, as the 1939 policy had effectively delivered millions of Jews into the Nazis' hands.

Here is a recent report on British efforts against Jews going to live in Judea and Samaria, parts of the heart of ancient Israel and of the internationally designated Jewish National Home. In other words, Britain's Judeophobic policy has been consistent since the days of the mandate [long before the 1939 White Paper] till today.

A new book has come out spelling out the international law applying to the Land of Israel and the rights of the Jewish people thereto. Here are some references to it [here, ici, aqui, qui, פה]. This book clearly explains why Judea-Samaria [and Gaza too] remain to this day legally and juridically part of the Jewish National Home and therefore of the State of Israel which embodies the Jewish State envisaged by the San Remo Conference [1920] and the League of Nations [1922]. Therefore, the position of the UK against Jewish settlement in Judea-Samaria has no foundation in international law, although many propagandists and British Judeophobes who misrepresent international law claim that Jews living in or going to move to Judea-Samaria are acting "illegally." This UK position is anti-Jewish and inhuman. The supposed British concern for Arab welfare is sheer hypocrisy. It is simply a smokescreen for fighting the Jews and their rights and humanity.
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Coming: More on Zbig's schemes, Obama's dishonesty, the "Left's" lies, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, archeology, propaganda analysis, peace follies, etc.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The West, Especially Britain, More Dangerous to Israel than the Arabs

UDATING 12-19-2008 on Red Cross [ICRC] access to Gilad Shalit

The West has a history of nearly 2000 years of vilifying, defaming, and falsely accusing Jews, as well as persecuting them. Christian Judeophobia and anti-Judaism based on religion was joined by "post-Christian" Judeophobia in the writings of Kant, Fichte, Hegel, Voltaire, d'Holbach and others. Most of the "post-Christian" Judeophobia actually had roots in the teachings of the Christian reformer, Martin Luther. Be that as it may, Judeophobia in word and practice culminated in the Holocaust. Has this Judeophobia ended? Or has it changed form? Has it just changed its dress? Is today's fashionable "anti-Zionism" just old wine in new bottles?
[בעברית : אותה הגברת באדרת אחרת ]

Next question. What does the West want in the Middle East? Does it want peace between Israel and the Arabs? Does it want peace without Israel, that is, peace of mind for antisemites? Does it want war?

If the West wants peace between Israel and the Arabs, then why does it finance the PLO/Palestinian Authority? The European Union gives the PA about 480 million euros per year. This is in addition to large sums given by the United States, Japan and wealthy Arab states. The PA makes constant Judeophobic propaganda on its radio, TV, press, in its schools and mosques and "universities." Where is there any PA desire to make peace? Yet the EU and other Western entities continue to fund the PA. Note, despite the huge expenses incurred by Israel's health system because of mass murderous terrorist attacks, whereas the EU was financing the PA since its inception in mid-1994, and whereas the PA under Arafat was funding terrorism [see for example the court decisions in the trial of Marwan Barghouti] , the EU has never offered to compensate the great expenses to Israel's health system which their proteges, the PA, forced upon Israel.

The EU --particularly the UK-- provide the PLO/PA and its Hamas rival with
1- diplomatic support, including in the UN and other international organizations. The EU allows the UN to continue to exist despite its harmful effect on the cause of world peace generally. The UN "Human Rights" Council in particular is a threat to peace as well as to truth in the international atmosphere.
2- propaganda support/psywar support which is provided both through the media and through "reports" and activities of so-called, ostensibly humane, "non-governmental organizations." Yet most of these NGOs are actually funded by Western governments [see the NGO Monitor site, inter alia]. Western media agencies like the BBC are notorious for pro-Arab, pro-PLO and pro-Hamas propaganda. The BBC is a UK government agency.
3- sales of weapons and military training and expertise, also given to the PA forces.

The West as a whole talks a lot about "international law." So do Western agencies and media, especially the notorious NGOs. Yet a fundamental part of the international law of war is that prisoners be available for visits by the International Red Cross to ascertain their condition. But Hamas has been holding an Israeli prisoner, Gilad Shalit, for more than 2 years [if he is still alive] without any visits by the Red Cross [specifically by the International Committee of the Red Cross, an agency of Switzerland, a supposedly neutral country]. I am not aware that the Red Cross [ICRC] has even asked for such visits. Yet the Red Cross [ICRC] continues to provide services to Gaza, eventhough a country or government [such as Hamas in this case] openly violates international law concerning prisoners of war. This violation of international law means that the ICRC should cut off aid and ties with the Hamas govt and the territory that it controls. But that has not happened on the ostensible grounds of humanitarianism. Meanwhile, the Hamas' game in regard to Shalit seems to be the same ghoulish Muslim jihadist ploy of bargaining with body parts that the Hizbullah previously engaged in. The Red Cross should have cut off ties to Gaza, Hamastan, long ago. Of course, during the Holocaust the same Red Cross [ICRC] refused in principle to help Jews, saying that helping Jews was not part of its mandate, not part of international law, etc. But Arabs have more rights than Jews, so it seems.

Other Western entities, especially the UK and Norway, deal with the Hamas and want to expand their dealings with it, despite [perhaps because of] its charter which is Nazi-like in many ways [see the genocidal medieval Muslim fable quoted in part in Article 7]. Part of the problem of EU bias is described in Bat Ye'or's book, Eurabia.

Within the EU constellation, it seems that Britain is the most consistently and dangerously hostile to Israel. For one thing, it appears that it was British psywar experts who invented the destructive "palestinian people" notion.

Here are links describing some of the UK's dirty anti-Israel machinations.

British foreign minister Miliband revealed the ugly face of Her Majesty's diplomacy on his recent trip to Israel.

Tony Blair's liaison with the terrorists, Alistair Crooke, spells out his deceitful hatred of Jews and Israel. Crooke was assigned by Blair as far back as 2002 to make contact with Hamas and try to bring these IslamoNazis into the "peace process."

London Times joins in with bbc in smearing Jews.

Melanie Philips on British Foreign Office misinterpreting international law concerning Judea-Samaria and settlements. British FO wants EU to boycott settlements.

UPDATING 12-16-2008
Melanie Philips with two astounding reports about official, governmental conduct:
1) How the BBC Arabic service incites Arabs against Jews
2) The London Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard] employs Muslim jihadists/terrorists, ostensibly to "fight terrorism."
It is indeed a sign of the sincerity of the British powers-that-be in favoring Muslim terrorism that they even endanger their own population, overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxons & Celts!!
- - - - - - - - -END UPDATE- - - - - -

The EU arrogantly demands that Israel implement a racist policy against Jews by forbidding Jews to "expand" "settlements" in Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. The following brief report in French reports the EU demand, although it fails to mention the central British role in pushing for this policy. The EU seems to want to put Jews back in a ghetto which was how Jews lived in Western Europe more than 200 years ago. These hypocritical Euro Judeophobes claim that "settlement expansion" --which could mean no more than building new homes for people who grew up in the settlement as children and have now gotten married and want to live where they grew up and be close to their parents-- is "harmful to peace efforts." This is old wine in new bottles. The old Euro Judeophobia which wanted to keep Jews in ghettoes in European towns and cities is now extended to the Jewish homeland where the Judeophobes, both Arabs and Europeans, want to keep Jews out of Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland. The pretext for the new Judeophobia is "international law" and "peace" and rights for Arabs, not Jews, although Arabs too kept Jews in ghettoes and segregated quarters, as in Jerusalem and Damascus.
''Il faut arrêter l'expansion des implantations dans les territoires,'' ont déclaré les représentants de l'Union européenne à Tsippi Livni, Ministre des affaires étrangères . Les parlementaires ont précisé que cette expansion nuisait aux efforts de paix. La Ministre est actuellement à Bruxelles pour négocier un rapprochement économique et politique entre Israël et l'Union européenne.
(Guysen.International.News / 2008-12-02 13:41:00 ISRAEL)
Of course the EU won't admit that by encouraging and supporting Arab anti-Jewish bigotry they are encouraging war by Arabs against Israel. Here's a report on a confidential EU document that outlines plan for political war on Israel in support of Arab Nazis.

NGO Monitor explains what kind of "NGO"s get EU funding in the EuroNazi project to murder Jews through the instrumentality of the Arabs. That is so that the EuroPhoneys can keep their hands clean so to speak. Let the Arabs do the dirty work --which they enjoy anyhow-- and the Euros can stand off at the side and pretend to sympathize with the poor, downtrodden Arabs [like the king of Saudi Arabia & the Sheik of Kuwait, etc] & the poor "palestinians" oppressed by those mean Jews who want to repeat the crucifixion of Jesus by crucifying, symbolically in the "news"/passion plays of the bbc and other Euro public opinion-molding agencies, the modern collective Jesus [that is, the "palestinians," a people that never existed in history but was invented by Western psywar experts for the psywar struggle against Israel]. Note that the NGOs, so-called "non-governmental organizations," get large amounts of funding precisely from governments.

German firms hungry for money disregard "sanctions" on Nazi Iran. Big surprise!!

UN envoy to Middle East makes vicious, inhuman and dehumanizing attack on Jews in Hebron.

The EU loves other Arab Nazis too, that is the Syrian regime which is ruled by the Baath Party, originally modelled on the German Nazi Party. The Washington crowd, including Obama's gang, likes the Damascus fascists too. See link:
Israel govt asks EU not to reward Syria with relations upgrade.

US and UK fund Arab propaganda efforts and train Arab propagandists.
- - - - - - - -
UPDATING 12-19-2008
A reader notifed us that the ICRC has requested access to Gilad Shalit from his captors, the Hamas IslamoNazi organization currently ruling the Gaza Strip.
We have repeatedly reminded those holding him of their legal obligations, calling on them both publicly and through our direct contacts to treat him humanely.
The ICRC has repeatedly asked to be allowed to visit Gilad Shalit and to convey family messages to him. [ICRC website 12-10-2008]
The question is how to deal with a political, state-like entity that rejects international law in practice and in principle. Since Hamas openly proclaims its commitment to jihad, Islamic holy war, which is obviously opposed to international law, as well as its commitment to shari`ah, Muslim law in general, which rejects the principle of human rights, and since the majority of the voters in the last election in Gaza supported Hamas, then what humanitarian obligations does the rest of the world have toward the Hamas-ruled Gaza entity? Doesn't international law mandate the Red Cross to cut off support to such entities? Wouldn't the refusal of Gaza's rulers to allow ICRC access to Shalit be enough to justify cutting off all humanitarian activities in behalf of the Gaza population?? Now, the Israeli govt has not made any such argument or demand. As far as I know the olmert-barak-livni gang of clowns has not publicly denounced Hamas for this serious violation of basic international law. Nor have they demanded that foreign states and organizations providing aid to Gaza cease such activities until Hamas demonstrates minimal compliance with this very basic rule of international law [that is, access to prisoners by the ICRC].
- - - - - - - -

Coming: More on Zbig's schemes, Obama's dishonesty, the "Left's" lies, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, archeology, propaganda analysis, peace follies, etc.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Bipartisan Economic Collapse -- Obama's Guys & Bush's Administration Both Guilty

UPDATING 12-9-2008 at bottom

We have earlier talked about the responsibility of Obama's associates, such as Franklin Raines and James Johnson, in the subprime mortgage collapse which led to the general, worldwide economic crisis that we are now experiencing. It is curious that good capitalist bankers had adopted the thinking of ACORN --a community organizing body close to Obama that had campaigned for easy mortgage access for people who were poor credit risks. As long as most of those borrowers who obtained subprime mortgages could make their monthly payments, a lot of bankers were making big money. Indeed, these mortgages were being divided into separate pieces [such as interest separate from principal] called derivatives. These derivatives were considered creative financial instruments that could be packaged and resold, often to banks outside the US. There was big money to be made in this racket as long as the borrowers kept making payments.

But many of the mortgages were subject to varying interest rates. When rates went up, poor folk were less able to pay. When the price of gasoline [subject to the world market price of crude oil] went up, poor folk were less able to pay. When people lost their jobs, they were less able to pay. When they couldn't pay, the houses were foreclosed by the banks and these people lost their homes. With so many houses on the market --at a time of various and sundry economic problems-- the market for buying houses was weak. Housing prices came down. This reduced the value of houses as assets owned by individuals, banks, and other institutions. And so on. So we moved into a real financial crisis that wiped out values of corporate stocks, the assets of many many people throughout the world. Non-cash savings fell far down in value. Asset values collapsed.

And one of the causes was community organizers' [ACORN, etc] ostensible sympathy for the poor, who in many cases lost the equity that they had in their homes when they were foreclosed. Meanwhile, some of Obama's guys made many millions out of this racket. And some of Bush's guys probably did too.

The Bush Administration listened to lobbyists for mortgage lenders and to "creative" bankers dealing in derivatives. Here is one account of Bush Administration conduct when warned of possible consequences of the easy lending policy:
The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buckling to pressure from some of the same banks that have now failed. It ignored remarkably prescient warnings that foretold the financial meltdown, according to an Associated Press review of regulatory documents.

"Expect fallout, expect foreclosures, expect horror stories," California mortgage lender Paris Welch wrote to U.S. regulators in January 2006, about one year before the housing implosion cost her a job.

Bowing to aggressive lobbying — along with assurances from banks that the troubled mortgages were OK — regulators delayed action for nearly one year. By the time new rules were released late in 2006, the toughest of the proposed provisions were gone and the meltdown was under way. [Associated Press, 11-1-2008]
Now, if you have cash to spare around the house, now would be the time to buy stocks in companies whose products or services are likely to be needed under any economic conditions, such as high tek. If you're cautious, stay with fixed income securities. In either case, remember that the Apostle of Change about to enter the White House also is tainted with the crisis through both his former "community organizing" comrades and his present buddies in the financial industry. Think Jim Jones and Franklin Raines and so many others.

Ain't Change wonderful!!!

- - - - - - - - -
UPDATING 12-9-2008 More on Obama's consultant Franklin Raines and the whole Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac gang [here], and their contribution to bringing down the economy.
More on young, straight-as-an-arrow Rahm Emanuel, a former director of Freddie Mac [here].
Meet James Johnson, who was on Obama's search committee for a vice-presidential candidate [html here], [pdf here]. The bio sketch of Johnson was issued officially by the US Treasury.
- - - - - - - - -

Coming: More on Zbig's schemes, Obama's dishonesty, the "Left's" lies, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, archeology, propaganda analysis, peace follies, etc.

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