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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Will France Betray Decency Again -- After Being Rewarded for Past Betrayals in True Arab/Muslim Manner?

A couple of weeks ago, the French parliament, the Assemblee Nationale, voted in favor of the unjust idea of an Arab state in the Land of Israel to be named "Palestine."  The  resolution was pushed through by the socialists, communists and ecofreaks [les verts].

 A few days later, on  Saturday. a week ago, a jihadist went into a police station in a Paris suburb and stabbed several policemen before being shot dead by another policeman.  The next day, a jihadist ran over a dozen or more people walking on the sidewalks of the city of Dijon in several different places. The day after that, another jihadist ran over people attending an outdoors Christmas fair in the city of Nantes, killing one victim and wounding many others. The jihadist driver knew that he would find Christians, unbelievers, kufar, at the Xmas fair. So we see how France was rewarded for its pro-PLO, pro-Arab, pro-Muslim gesture.

Now, despite the negative rewards France received from Muslim jihadists, French diplomats said before the Security Council vote that they would vote "consistent" with their views. As it turned out France voted for a wild and destructive and arrogant Arab resolution put forth by the Arab states at the behest of the PLO/PA government which siphons off a good share of the massive foreign aid for the PA ["Palestinian Authority"] into the pockets of individuals close to the plate in the PA, including Mahmud Abbas himself.


How can we explain France's position? Since the eve of the Six Day War, when De Gaulle clearly stated his pro-Arab stance as Nasser and other Arab leaders openly threatened Israel with mass murder, as a mob of  millions marched through Cairo waving the skull and crossbones flag (the flag of death), France has been pro-Arab and basically anti-Israel. That might explain a pro-Arab, anti-Israel vote. But the present resolution at the Security Council dispenses with real negotiations  and makes demands on Israel of an imbalanced, unilateral nature. France has never gone so far in that direction.

Why has France now gone even further in the pro-Arab direction to the point that France voted with Russia and China?
Think of French President Francois Hollande's domestic situation. During the last presidential election campaign [spring 2012] his socialist party issued a manifesto containing some 58 promises to the French people. He and his party must have known during the election campaign that there was no money for the pie in the sky promises and that they could not be kept. In 2014, we know that the French economic situation is a disaster, even worse now than under Sarkozy. The promises of economic improvement as well as of additional social welfare could not be fulfilled. France does not have the money for more social welfare and cannot make reforms to improve the economy and cannot get sufficient help from other Eurozone states to overcome the German mania for austerity, which has been a very destructive factor for almost all of the Eurozone.  The only promise Hollande kept out of the 58 was to recognize or legalize gay marriage. Most French people are fed up with him. His approval ratings are lower than Obama's, about 15%. France's economic growth rate is about zero or maybe a fraction above zero. He is a failure. So he flails around looking for an issue where he can show how strong and decisive he is.
Then he looks at the French population and sees at least 10% Muslims. Indeed, one "thinker" (Pascal Boniface), one of the intellectual leaders of  the Socialist Party, recommended years ago that the  party cultivate the Arab vote and support the "palestinians" since there were more Arabs and more Muslims in France than Jews. That  way  the party was sure to get the Arab vote. The PLO representative in France, one Leila Shahid, supposedly a granddaughter of the Nazi mufti Amin el-Husseini, is popular on TV in France and is given free rein to incite anti-Jewish as well as anti-Israel hatred.

 So Hollande may have decided to vote for the Arab/PLO resolution at the Security Council for domestic reasons: In order to make France and himself look relevant and to ingratiate himself and the socialists with the Arab/Muslim vote in France. Add to what we can expect from Hollande the fact that his father was a Vichyite. 

What we don't know is how the Arabs/Muslims in France will reward Hollande. Now, that France has voted at the Security Council in favor of an outrageous pro-PLO/PA Arab proposed resolution, maybe the days to come will bring more Muslim and Arab rewards for France.

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