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Emet m'Tsiyon

Friday, April 24, 2015

High Schoolers in Land of Arab Spring Revere Hitler & ISIL

Hitler was very popular among Arab nationalists before WW2 in the 1930s. Now, 70 years after the end of the Nazi German Holocaust, perpetrated under Hitler's command, he is popular among some Arab youth, students at at least two high schools in Tunisia, the land where the Arab Spring began. This has been revealed in French media organs

In Tunisia, "Islamofascism" is not merely a media formula. It can take on a quite concrete appearance. . . . At the high school in  Jendouba in the northeast of the country, a banner showing Hitler saluting the German flag was displayed, the site of Francetv Géopolis reports.
En Tunisie, l'«islamofascisme» n'est pas qu'une formule médiatique, et peut prendre un visage bien concret. . . . .Au lycée de Jendouba au nord-est du pays, une bannière représentant Hitler saluant le drapeau allemand a été déployée, rapporte le site de Francetv Géopolis.

In another high school in the area of Jendouba, it was the black flag of the Islamic State that was put on display. . . . .

Dans un autre lycée de la zone de Jendouba, c'est le drapeau noir de l'Etat islamique qui a été exhibé. . . . 

In the girls high school of Kairowan (LJFK), the religious center of Tunisia, a banner showing a representation of the persecutions of the Islamic State was hung on a wall. One can see on it a masked warrior armed with a scimitar accompanied by two prisoners dressed in the typical orange pajama. One of them in flames might represent the Jordanian pilot burned alive by Da`ash [ISIL] last February. 

Dans le lycée de jeunes filles de Kairouan (LJFK), centre religieux de la Tunisie, une banderole représentant des exactions de l'Etat islamique a été accroché sur le mur. On y voit un guerrier masqué armé d'un cimeterre accompagné de deux prisonniers vêtus du typique pyjama orange dont un, dans les flammes, pourrait représenter le pilote jordanien brûlé vif par Daech en février dernier.
The article in Le Figaro looks for an excuse why many in the Arab world are so fascinated with Hitler. And the reporter finds a false reason.
The fascination for the 3rd Reich is not rare in the Arab countries, which did not undergo the trauma of Nazism and are gladly hostile to Israel.
La fascination pour le Troisième Reich n'est pas rare dans les pays arabes, qui n'ont pas subi le traumatisme du nazisme et sont volontiers hostiles à l'Etat d'Israël. . . . [Le Figaro, 15 April 2015]

This reason is false because in fact Nazi German troops, the Wehrmacht, did occupy Tunisia in late 1942 and early 1943. The Jews there were subjected to the preliminary stages of the Holocaust while mass murder camps were being built in North Africa. In fact, Walter Rauff, the Nazi expert in murdering Jews spent several months in Tunisia. Read excerpts from his reports to his superiors and diaries here.

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